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The Budget For The Batman Compared To Other DC Movies

This year we are going to witness a variety of projects from the DC Universe of characters. While some of these will be canon to the DC Extended Universe, others haven’t indicated any links with the franchise yet. Matt Reeves’s take on Batman is the talk of the town as it is going to be the latest release from the DC world of characters. Reviews have already started pouring in and most of it is positive about the take on the character. This is the first solo Batman film that we have received in a long time and it definitely is going to be brilliant. Let’s take a look at the budget of The Batman in comparison to the other DC projects we have seen recently.

The Batman

The waiting for the project is almost up as the movie is set to come out in theaters soon. Based on the reactions from the first preview one can only assume mostly positive things about the movie. It seems to have lived up to the idea of giving a grounded take on the character. We will be getting a chance to see a movie that will focus a lot more on the detective aspects of Batman. Most of the reviews have praised the visuals of the movie along with the performances that we will be getting to witness here. It is surely going to be a major success and that won’t be surprising at all.


How Much Did It Take To Make The Movie?

According to Variety, The Batman had a budget of $200 million. This is double the amount that we had previously discovered about the project considering Deadline stated the number $100 million last year. Warner Bros. is surely going to have an interesting year with the take on the caped crusader initiating this success. This is going to be quite interesting considering the studio had shifted to a release on both HBO Max and halls on the same day patter. The Batman will mark the first film to be released exclusively on the big screen in around a year.


Budget of The Batman

This number puts it right behind The Dark Knight Rises from 2012 which was the last time we got to see a solo Batman film. According to the listing of all the Batman films,

The Dark Knight Rises(2012) – $250 million
The Batman(2022) – $200 million
The Dark Knight(2008) – $185 million
Batman & Robin(1997) – $160 million
Batman Begins(2005) – $150 million
Batman Forever(1995) – $100 million
Batman Returns(1992) – $80 million
Batman(1989) – $35 million


At the same time, listing The Batman with all the other DCEU projects puts it in fourth place. According to the list,

Justice League(2017) – $300 million
Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) – $263 million
Man of Steel(2013) – $225 million
The Batman(2022) – $200 million
The Suicide Squad(2021) – $185 million
Suicide Squad(2016) – $176 million
Aquaman(2018) – $160 million
Wonder Woman(2017) – $150 million
Shazam!(2018) – $85 million
Birds of Prey(2020) – $82 million


How Will The Batman Do At The Box Office?

The last year saw the cinema halls situation improve sufficiently following the pandemic. Warner Bros. didn’t see success considering all of their major releases were set on both cinema halls and the HBO Max streaming platform on the same day. But things might see a massive improvement following the release of The Batman from the studio. The movie is currently targeting a massive opening weekend, somewhere between $100 million and $125 million at the box office. This was actually something that only Spider-Man: No Way Home managed to clear after the pandemic. Based on the positive reviews, it won’t be surprising to see the movie earn a sum of $140 million within the first three days of its release.


Budget of The Batman

Box office success for the movie will also add to the confirmation of the discussions regarding a sequel that Matt Reeves talked about. Even though we won’t probably get to see other major DC characters join in anytime soon, it would be interesting to see which direction Matt Reeves will be taking the narrative. At the same time, this will ensure Warner Bros. with two major DC franchises in their hands at the same time. The Batman will be released on the HBO Max streaming platform 45 days after its release in the cinemas.


It will be released in theaters worldwide on March 4.

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