Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Infinity Stones

Now that we know that Thanos is going to be the big baddie for the end of Marvel Phase 4 and is going to wield his Infinity Gauntlet with all the six Infinity Stones, let’s get a bit into the details of the Infinity Stones. In total, the 6 Infinity Stones have been since even before the Universe came into being.The 6 Stones represent- Soul, Mind, Power, Reality, Time and Space.

Time Stone

Time Stone was first seen in the film Doctor Strange as the Eye of Agamotto. This stone would be really powerful and would be the source of time travel in the MCU. Presently it is at Kamar Taj.

Space Stone

Space Stone was inside Tesseract, seen first in Captain America: The First Avenger, which the Red Skull used to make weapons. In Avengers Loki uses its powers to bring Chituari on Earth. The stone is presently at Asgard.

Mind Stone

Mind Stone was first seen in Loki’s scepter, though it was later told to be there. It has the power to corrupt and build minds, as it did to Iron Man and also in helping create Vision. The current location of the Mind Stone is with Vision.

Reality Stone

thor the dark world post credit scenes

Reality Stone was found after millions of years by Jane Foster in the form of Aether. She also gets infected by it by is later cured. In the end of Thor: The Dark World, Sif hands over the stone to the Collector as Asgard already had one Stone, and keeping more than 1 stone together could cause problems.

Power Stone

Infinity Stones

Power Stone was first seen in the Guardians of the Galaxy, after which they all are. Ronan getting that even challenges Thanos. The Power Stone can only be wielded by someone really powerful, any other who tries to use its power perishes.

Soul Stone

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As it is well seen that the initials of the objects that have the Infinity Stones at first in the films come together to make THANOS, as Space stone was in Tesseract, Aether was the Reality Stone, Scepter had the Mind Stone, the Orb the Power Stone and the Necklace, the Time Stone, this would make the person who’s named starts with H, the wielder of the Soul stone, which could be Hella or Heimdall. Heimdall could be the one as he can also see every soul in the 9 realms.

Now it would be in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 that Thanos gets all these Infinity Stones. Let’s wait to see the carnage that these stones can unleash upon the universe.

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