15 Comic-Book Characters That Once Possessed The Power of An Infinity Stone

Infinity Stones are incredibly powerful objects. There are six of them and each grants complete control over one aspect of the universe – Soul, Power, Space, Mind, Reality and Time. Five of them have been discovered in the MCU and Soul gem is yet to be found. Here’s what ‘The Collector’ said about the Infinity gems:

“Before creation itself, there were six singularities. Then the universe exploded into existence, and the remnants of these systems were forged into concentrated ingots… Infinity Stones.”

The Mad Titan ‘Thanos’ has long been after the Infinity Stones in the MCU. He will come to Earth to steal all the gems to assemble the Infinity Gauntlet. He wants to be the ultimate ruler of the cosmos. But before the Mad Titan laid hands on them, several characters in the comic books already possessed one.

15. Spiderman

Spiderman is the most beloved superhero of Marvel fans. He has fought alongside Avengers many times in comics. Once the Mad Titan was unleashing hell on Earth and was unstoppable, as a result, Spiderman decided to join hands with Iron Man, Wolverine, Adam Warlock and Hulk to fight Thanos. He picked the gauntlet and was able to set the reality back to normal. Although, he wanted to revive Uncle Ben but he failed to do so.

14. Mister Fantastic

In the comic-book title “New Avengers: Illuminati Vol 2 #2″, he attempted to use the powers of Infinity stones to destroy gems itself but he failed. As a result, a secret society ‘The Illuminati’ comprising of superheroes was created and Mister Fantastic got the verbal wrath of the Watchers.

13. Invisible Woman

In the comic-book titled “Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #16”, one of the Infinity gems swallowed the Invisible Woman and she came out as an evil person known as ‘Malice’ on the other side.

12. Iron Man

Iron Man is one of the many superheroes who has been part of ‘Avengers’ initiative. But in the MCU, he was the first one signed up by Fury and since then he has become the most recognized and popular Marvel hero.

In comic-book title ‘Ultimate Comics Ultimates #27′, the planet was surrounded by dark forces who were trying to steal Infinity gems to destroy the entire mankind. But Iron Man hid them in his mind. The mutant speedster Quicksilver found out and it was later removed by Reed Richards.

11. Beast

When the secret society ‘The Illuminati’ was created to prevent any deadly supervillain or force getting its hands on Infinity gems, an Infinity gem was lost due to Prof. X death but before he died he had chosen his successor Beast and told him the location of the gem. He took his place in the council and prevented collision of two worlds just in time.

10. Norman Osborn

Norman Osborn is yet to make an official entry into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But he is a big name in the Marvel Comics. In a storyline called What If? Infinity – Dark Reign, Norman employs a group of super villains to steal the Infinity Stones.

He then traps Spiderman in a time loop to relive Gwen Stacy’s death over and over again. When his resurrected father does not get impressed, Norman erases him (and accidentally himself) from existence.

9. The Illuminati

The Illuminati from Marvel Comics consist of – Black Bolt, Namor, Iron Man, Professor X, Mister Fantastic and Doctor Strange. They are a super secretive group of Individuals that deal with threats to the world before they become too much for the world to handle.

In the comics, the Illuminati consist of six members, each entrusted with one infinity stone to safeguard and protect.

8. Black Panther

In Marvel’s 2015 ‘Secret Wars’ storyline, T’Challa is transported to Doctor Doom’s Battle World. He along with Namor was able to locate the hideout of Dr. Strange where he kept gauntlet. There, in Doctor Strange’s secret island fortress, Black Panther encounters the Infinity Gauntlet.

He used the all-powerful gauntlet to fight evil supervillain “Dr. Doom”, defeated him hands down and came back in time. He then uses the Gauntlet to reverse the events of Secret Wars from ever happening.

7. Adam Warlock

Adam Warlock was created to be the perfect human specimen. The High Evolutionary then gifts the Soul Stone to Warlock. Adam Warlock then uses the Soul Stone to battle the Magia, a future version of his own self, until his eventual death.

After the events of Infinity Gauntlet, Warlock is resurrected and given back the soul stone.

6. Captain America

Steve Rogers is the best of humanity. The best of humanity also deserves to possess the Infinity Stones. When an alternate universe threatens to collide with Earth 616 universe (the mainstream earth of Marvel comics), Captain America dons the Gauntlet and wills the universe not to collide.

Cap fired energy at the cosmic ball about to hit the Earth. This incredible act shatters the five of the six stones and the Time Stone vanishes to another place. As a result, the Avengers moved through the time.

5. Silver Surfer

The Silver Surfer once possessed the entire Infinity Gauntlet and used it to become the God of the Universe. He then transformed Death into a “Cherished Being” and took it upon himself to take care of the universe.

In the animated series Superhero Squad Show, the Infinity Gauntlet, in turn, possesses the Surfer and turns him into the Dark Surfer.

4. Galactus

Galactus, in a What If…? Story arc becomes fed up of his insatiable hunger to devour entire planets. He then decides to use the Infinity Stones in a focusing crux to give him the required limitless energy that he would have derived from devouring entire worlds.

But his act then lets an extra-dimensional entity called the Hunger to enter the universe and all hell breaks loose.

3. Nebula

Nebula is one troubled character in the comic books and the MCU. The comic book version is exceptional in this regard. Thanos has turned her into a walking corpse after rigorous experiments and amputations.

In an act of revenge, during the Infinity Gauntlet saga, Nebula catches Thanos off guard and steals the Gauntlet. She then undoes all the things Thanos has done, Thus the heroes gain a fighting chance to defeat Thanos for good.

2. Darkseid

In the 2003 JLA/Avengers Crossover arc, powerful items like the Anti Life equation and the Infinity Gauntlet are scattered around both the universes. The heroes are tasked to get those objects before they fall into the wrong hands.

They arrive just in time to see Darkseid put the Infinity Gauntlet on only to toss it aside. The infinity stones have no power outside the universe they were made. They are useless in the DC Universe.

 1. Santa Claus

infinity stone

Wait! What?!?!?! Santa possessed the Infinity Stones. Hell yeah!! The Marvel Holiday Spectacular of 2009 sees Santa finding out that all his reindeers are actually shape-shifting Skrulls in disguise.

The heroes, fearing that the children of the world won’t be getting their presents on time, gift him the Infinity Gauntlet for one night. Santa puts on the Gauntlet and goes mad with power and starts attacking the heroes until he is taken down. Tony then gifts Santa robotic reindeers to finish his task before Christmas Eve.

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