6 Marvel Characters Portrayed Better in the MCU than in the Comics

Over the years we have gotten to witness a variety of characters from the comics being interpreted in the MCU. We have gotten some of the most exciting projects in the franchise taking inspiration from some of the biggest events in Marvel Comics. But there was a clear indication that each of these narratives made its own version of the story. Fans have seen these differences and actually compared the two narratives. Often these narratives are affected by the way that the characters are changed in the movies too. Let’s take a look at some of the characters portrayed better in the MCU than in Marvel Comics.

Nick Fury

Samuel L. Jackson only agreed to take on the role of Nick Fury because of a mild reference made by the character in one of the Marvel Comics. This specific narrative closely resembled Samuel L. Jackson and during a conversation, he even mentions that he would like to see the actor play him in a movie. The actor didn’t know that Mark Millar had modeled the character’s Ultimates version on him because he was a big fan. Following this, we got to see one of the best versions of the character brought to the screen by the actor. Marvel could have stuck with a white Nick Fury but they made a better decision by bringing in Samuel L. Jackson for the role.


Clint Barton

Fans would be surprised to know that Barton was actually a criminal who changed his ways before becoming an Avenger in the comics. He was trained by another major villain from the comics known as the Swordsman. But the movies saw a version who was actually a veteran SHIELD agent and seems to have no problem breaking his no-killing rule.


Sam Wilson

Characters portrayed better in the MCU

According to the comics, Sam Wilson was never in the armed forces and he had a completely different origin story. He was hardened due to a massive loss when his parents were killed by criminals. The character actually managed to communicate with birds when the Red Skull used the Cosmic Cube on him. Later, Black Panther would make the harness that would allow him to fly. MCU took a whole new take on the character as an ex-veteran trained in the winged flight harness. This actually allowed to add a certain amount of depth to the character as it linked him to Captain America.



Fans of Marvel would clearly agree that the version of the God of Thunder in MCU is a lot more exciting than the one from the comics. The character has a specific way of speaking in the comics, that makes it look as if he had just returned from a meeting with the Knights of the Round Table. That’s not all as the character also is very arrogant and has a superiority complex. The only narrative of the character that resembles the comics is the one we got to see in the first movie. Fans really enjoyed it when Chris Hemsworth made the character goofier while keeping a certain rendition of the noble persona.


Erik Killmonger

Black Panther

There is a lot of difference between this character in the comics and the movie. According to the comics, Killmonger was actually a slave of Klaw and the son of a man named N’Jobu who was exiled from Wakanda for his crimes against the nation. This led to the character having hatred for both Klaw and Black Panther. He actually patched up his relationship with T’Challa only to betray him later. The movie actually took a different narrative for the character as he was made a blood relation of T’Challa and also changed his intentions a lot. He wasn’t going to destroy Wakanda but he wanted to start a global war using Wakandan technology to end oppression.


Tony Stark

Characters portrayed better in the MCU

Iron Man is one of the most essential characters in the Marvel Universe. MCU kept most of the details surrounding his character exact to the comics and at the same time managed to give him a lot of significance in the narrative. The only difference in the character was the reasoning behind Stark having an arc reactor implanted on his chest. According to the comics, the reactor is supposed to charge the magnetic plates that prevent the shrapnel from reaching the heart and shredding it to pieces. The movie gave the arc reactor another interesting purpose as we saw that it powered the Iron Man armor suit. Hence it became more than a life support machine for Tony Stark.


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