Venom And Spider-Man Homecoming Are Already Connected In This MIND-BENDING Way 

In the world of Spider-Man, Venom has established himself to be one of the villains which have gained popularity no matter what situation he may be put in. The character’s popularity is the reason that he is finally getting a solo film, something unheard of when it comes to villains of superheroes. But Venom is no ordinary villain, as he had proved in the comic world.

The Venom character is somewhat of an anti-hero, since each host that has a twisted moral compass that compels them to execute violent deaths and destruction, all in the name of their crazy beliefs.The alien symbiote also tends to corrupt the host’s mind and bring out the darker, scarier part of each host’s personality.

When Sony announced that a solo Venom movie was in the works, the studio clearly stated that it will not be connected to Marvel or Spider-Man: Homecoming. But what if they already were (apart from the obvious-Venom being Spidey’s rival).

vulture spider-man

Homecoming villain The Vulture had actually captured Venom in 2003’s Ultimate Spider-Man series. Vulture along with Bolivar Trask proceed to study the workings of the alien symbiote that seemed to be making its host a psychopathic killing machine. It was also in this series that Eddie Brock became the Venom. Brock was a childhood friend of Peter Parker whose fathers worked together in developing a symbiotic suit under the name Project Venom. Eddie was exposed to the symbiote which led him to become the Venom character.

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Sony has been making headway about starting an extended universe with the Spider-Man villains. The other villains who have also received solo movie include Black Cat and Silver Sable. Since the deal between Marvel and Sony seems to be Iron-Clad, Peter Parker entering this brand new world may be near to impossible at the moment. Sony’s decision to move forward with the other characters without the main her has gotten many to hesitate what kind of movie it will end up being.

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