Which Is The Most Powerful Weapon In Game of Thrones?  

Game of Thrones is a show about power, whether it is political, social, emotional or physical power. The show is actually full of objects that contain jaw-dropping powers and abilities that let one convincingly win from the other. Here is a list of those items:

The Scythe is just a brute force to have in your defense. A huge blade hanging on a chain sweeping across a 300-mile long wall made of snow. This is a very lethal and unstoppable defense and offense mechanism to have in an army.

Children of the Forest can be very dangerous in whatever form they take, they are partly made up of trees and capable of throwing fireballs, and when they do you have got to save your ass. They burned the shit out of the white walkers with their fireballs.

Strangler could be the strongest weapon to have as we saw what just one drop of it did to Joffrey. Though we did enjoy that moment a lot, still it is the most lethal poison in all of Westeros.

The White Walkers have these crystal clear Ice blades. It would be safe to say, considering the Walkers that it must be very powerful if all the White Walkers are armed with it. In the last episode only, we saw how Night King took down a Dragon with a single shot.

The entire story of the song of ice and fire actually hinges on swords made of Valyrian Steel. We all know that eventually the great war with the dead is coming and the mythos has it that Valyrian steel is the only thing that can end that War. It’s not possible to replace skill and strength of a fighter but Valerian steel sword definitely gives an edge over your enemy. Some of the prominent Valyrian steel swords include Blackfyre, Heartsbane, Ice (Widow’s wail and Oathkeeper), Brightroar, Longclaw etc. Another sword is Dawn which was used by Arthur Dayne of House Dayne who was King’s guard of Rhaegar Targaryen and guarding Lyanna Stark outside Tower of Joy.

There are giant arrows which are extra-large and can cause a lot of damage if fired with precision. We saw how Bronn managed to hurt Drogon with a targeted shot.

We have seen how devastating wildfire could actually be not once, but twice and as it was used very smartly by the Lannisters, it actually ended everything standing in front of the Lannisters.

In season 2, Tyrion used it to destroy a naval fleet of Stannis Baratheon and in season 6 Cersei used it to take down the entire Sept of Baelor killing everyone inside.

Forged from the fires of Dragons themselves, the Dragon Glass is one of the two things that can kill the White Walkers and this was proved by Sam’s little excursion in the season. In season 7, Jon Snow has reached out to Dany and asked for her consent to mine dragon glass and forge weapons from it. She allowed him and also offered men and resources to assist him in the task.

Game of Thrones

There are faceless men who can wear faces and kill you out of nowhere. There are shadow monsters or supernatural creatures born out of red magic, they are very powerful, one of them killed the brother of Stannis Baratheon i.e Renly Baratheon. There is Red Viper’s spear laced with poison which gave Oberyn confidence to face Mountain in the arena and almost killed him.

So which is the most powerful of them all? Our vote goes to WILDFIRE! It is highly combustible and dangerous liquid which if used strategically can bring down whole armies including of Night’s King. “The Substance burns so hotly it melts wood, stone… even steel… and, of course, flesh!. The Substance burns so hot it melts flesh… like tallow.” Comon Tyrion…tell Jon and Dany about it.

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