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Loki Theory: He Who Remains Manipulated Sylvie Into Helping Him

The Disney+ series Loki has concluded its first season, with the second on its way. When Loki and Sylvie finally met the man behind it all, He Who Remains, they were given two choices. First, they could either rule the TVA and preserve the order of the Sacred Timeline. Or second, they could kill him and ultimately unleash the chaos in the multiverse. As seen, Loki believed He Who Remains with the simple fact that he’s a liar himself but believes that He Who Remains is saying the truth. But Sylvie was driven by her centuries of hate for this very man. She sent Loki back to the TVA and proceeded to kill the man behind everything. But it could be possible that Sylvie was right. Now, there’s a theory that claims that He Who Remains lied. Sylvie ended up helping him by killing him.

He Who Remains Manipulated Sylvie

The first installment to He Who Remains starts with Miss Minute’s surprise cameo in the finale. Loki and Sylvie’s first choice comes in the hands of this AI. Miss Minutes gives them an offer, and that is they leave quietly and both of them will be placed on the Sacred Timeline with some added bonuses. Such as Loki defeating the Avengers and ruling Asgard. Obviously, the offer was refused. But it looks like this was exactly the wedge that He Who Remains needed between Loki and Sylvie. When the duo met He Who Remains, he gave them another offer which was quite contradictory to Miss Minutes’.

He offered Loki and Sylvie to rule the TVA and take care of the Sacred Timeline. But this seems like an absolute lie. That’s because if he wanted them to rule the TVA, then why have his AI Miss Minutes present her offer in the first place? The answer lies in the difference between Loki and Sylvie. The offer had a different impact on the God of Mischief. He has too much to turn back to, that’s why ruling Asgard is something that he’ll always want. But when it comes to Sylvie, the only thing she wants is her revenge. And that is why the duel between Sylvie and Loki ended in the way it did.

He Who Remains Needed Sylvie & Loki

He Who Remains Manipulated Sylvie

Apart from this, it looks like He Who Remains needed the Lokis to come to them. That’s because He Who Remains is actually the villain and was caught up in the citadel. But it’s protected by Alioth, and he knew that these two Lokis could enchant it and open the doors for him. So that’s why when Loki and Sylvie shared a moment on Lamentis-1 and were taken back to the TVA, the Time Keepers were so interested in their pruning. So He Who Remains is actively looking for Lokis to free him. This explains the incalculable number of Lokis roaming around the Void.

But whosoever put him there, made sure that he could not leave it physically. Hence, he provoked Sylvie to do the deed and set him free. So, it could be that he used Sylvie’s anger to kill him. The last three words that he uttered were, “see you soon.” This could explain that Sylvie let the villain lose back on the Sacred Timeline. This was exactly what He Who Remains wanted. Then back at the TVA, Loki realizes that he is in a different version of the TVA ruled by Kang. But what if it’s He Who Remains? Now, he becomes the reason why his variants grow in abundance which eventually leads to the multiversal war.

He Who Remains Takes Over The TVA

He Who Remains Manipulated Sylvie

All this could have been a cruel ploy the variant. The plan could have been simple. Break loose, and repopulate the timeline with Kangs. He needed this powerful duo of Loki and Sylvie, which is why he’s been so keen on their activities. When he saw that their powers combined are enough for opening the doors, i.e., Alioth, he led them straight to him. This is exactly what he tells them, that he paved the road for them, and they simply walked on it. So according to this theory, He Who Remains is back on the Sacred Timeline, and ready to explore it.

He Who Remains last three words could have held a more literal meaning. Apart from referring to his variants, he could have actually meant it. Considering that he remains out of Time and Space, it’s actually fairly well that he himself might return to say hello to Sylvie. So in hindsight, this could have been a plan devised long ago by the evil variants to come back on the Sacred Timelines.

He Who Remains Manipulated Sylvie for sure. But whether this theory comes true or not remains to be seen. What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments.

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