7 Man of Steel Moments That Fans Watch Again and Again

Even though Man of Steel was a movie about an alien with God-like power, it was very relatable on a very human level. Man of Steel did face a little amount of criticism due to the destruction that happened in Metropolis but it was still very inspiring. Here are & best moments from the movie.

The Krypton arc

Basically, everything that happened on Krypton was amazing. The way the planet was depicted really drove the motivations for Zod’s acts. Krypton really provided the Origin for Superman that was required.

Saving the Oil Rig

The Oil Rig scene was the one that really introduced everyone with the kind of power Superman really possesses in the DCEU and it was even shot really well.

“You are my son”

This was a really heart touching scene when Clark Kent’s father reassures him that he is never alone. His adopted father and mother will always be there for him even though he is not from this planet.

First Flight

Superman’s first flight was a real treat to watch. He explores his powers and what he could really do with them. We get to see how fast he really is and that was too awesome!

Superman and Faora’s Dual

Faora’s fight with Superman was even better than the battle with Zod himself. She kicks Sups’ ass right in the middle of Smallville. This is how Superman gets to know that he needs to Up his game as he is too weak against the trained Kryptonians.

Zod’s Threatening Entrance

Zod took over the whole World’s comes when he introduced himself to the world to seek out Kal-El. The entrance was really frightening as people knew that they are not alone and might be in real danger if Kal-EL does not surrender.

Introducing Clark Kent

Man of SteelThe end of the movie was really satisfying as Clark Kent joined the Daily Planet and will now be the reporter that we know and love from the comics.

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