5 Spell-Binding Powers of Dumbledore That Makes Him The Greatest Wizard of All Time

Dumbledore was the greatest wizard in the magical world. He was extremely talented and was capable of performing almost every type of magic in the world. He had great knowledge of magic. His brilliant visionary approach helped Harry Potter to unravel the mystery of Horcrux. He was a great mentor, leader, friend, guide, and teacher. Read more to know about the enormous skills and abilities possessed by Albus Dumbledore.

He started Creating New Magic At Early Age

He won almost every award given by his school and became the brightest student of the school. He practiced transfiguration and many new charms. He devised many new magical techniques which later got published in papers. According to his teachers, one day he could be counted amongst great wizards like the Alchemists, Nicholas Flamel, and other magical theoreticians.

He could make himself invisible

Dumbledore could make himself invisible without Harry’s cloak, This cloak was unique and only very few magicians including Dumbledore could replicate its powers. In Harry Potter And the philosopher’s stone, chapter 12, Dumbledore gently said that ”I don’t need a clock to get invisible”.

He was capable of outwitting the entire Ministry Of Magic

The Ministry has an entire office of Aurors trained in apprehending law-breaking wizards, but when Dumbledore is set against them in HP and the Order of the Phoenix, he easily escapes the clutches of the Minister and two Aurors, and proceeds to remain out of their reach for the next several months until his reinstatement as Headmaster.

Knew Occlumency And Legilimency

He was Legilimens, he knew the skills of extracting feelings and emotions from another person and he could convey visions or imaginary things to other persons. These skills are like magical telepathy. Occlumency means to implant false memories in one’s mind. Dumbledore could practice both the skills with utmost perfection.

He defeated Grindewald and Understood different languages

dumbledoreHe defeated Grindelwald in the great duel between the two which took place in 1945, Grindelwald was very powerful at that time and matched powers of Voldemort. He was defeated by Dumbledore and won the elder wand. Albus could understand many different languages like Merrish, Goggledowg, and Parselmouth.

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