Wonder Woman Has A Secret Power That Will BLOW Your Mind

Wonder Woman has always been a powerful being. Since Princess Diana is literally a demi-god, she has super strength, speed, flight and her background an Amazonian warrior guarantees that she is not a hero to piss off.She has thoroughly proved her unfledging popularity through the years and she will finally see a new resurgence into the film world with the release of her new movie.

Since all the powers which Wonder Woman possesses are basically the blueprint of all superheroes nowadays, there has to be something that makes her different from the norm, especially when it comes to superheroes in movies. And since the two previous superheroes who have debuted before her in DCEU have established a legacy of sorts, Diana has a long way to catch up to be relevant.

wonder woman

One way Wonder Woman does this is with her connection to Greek mythology. Since she is a product of a Greek God, many of her nemesis are also from the Greek myths.

In the comics, Ares played a pivotal in the battle against good and evil. Ares is, of course, the God of War who is immortal and cannot be killed by most heroes. The character is speculated to be the main villain of the movie, which gives the DC hero a major power no other hero possesses.

Comicbook visited the sets where the site acquired brand new information for the film’s backstory. In the film, the Amazonians were created by the goddess Aphrodite, who, at Zeus’ command, makes the warrior women bring a message of “peace in the world and love in the heart of humankind,” while battling Ares. Wonder Woman is bestowed a great power by Aphrodite. “She is the weapon that can kill Ares, not the sword. She doesn’t know her destiny, but there’s a growing warrior spirit inside of her.” This power will no doubt also have relations to the Godkiller sword which Diana will wield in the film.

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