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A Detailed Interior of The New Batcave in The Batman Revealed

The Batman is supposed to be a fresh new movie with its own thrills and chills. This movie is supposed to take the caped crusader back to his detective roots. WB is done to be doing this in an attempt to move away from the brawler image that Batman has developed in recent years. To this end, WB has been pushing marketing to make sure that we are aware of just what the changes are in the recent iteration of the character. Oreo, the marketing partner for the film, has posted a plugin on their website that lets you explore the new Batcave in The Batman.

Bear in mind, that the plugin only works for users in the EU at the moment. Why did they make it so? We are not entirely sure. But we are lucky that The Batman Film News posted screenshots on Twitter so we can share the experience with the rest of the fandom. It seems that this plugin is set up like Google street view. You walk around the Batcave as Batman would and you are allowed to interact with several things like the Batcomputer and other gadgets.


There is even a Batmobile here for everyone to access but we cannot drive it for some reason. Eagle-eyed fans will also notice several easter eggs in the Batcave. One of which is the oreo packet on Batman’s desk. It seems the world’s greatest detective also needs some nutrition to keep himself going. What better way to get this sustenance than chocolate biscuits. Sugar and scream is all Batman needs to be the justice dispensing war machine of Gotham.


New Batcave In The Batman

Then there is also the suit apparatus in the cave which looks badass. The batsuit is armor and not clothing. It cannot be stored in a closet so it makes sense that it would be stored on something like a custom-built armor stand. Moreover, something is interesting about the Batcave. This iteration of the cave stands out from all others. Every other Batcave seemed professionally bullet and excavated.


This one just looks like a basement. It is not an elaborate cave system below the Wayne Manor. There is no lengthy eco, a nation to explain why the excavators never found out Bruce Wayne is Batman. This cave is an improvised basement, which is how the Batcave first came into existence. The moviemakers did clarify that this iteration of the character was far younger and had been fighting crime for only a year or so.


Hence, it makes sense that all of his equipment is more improvised than advanced. He might not have found Lucius Fox to assist him yet and seeing as how a young Bruce would be far more focused on fighting than technology it makes sense that this is the kind of Batcave he currently has. We wonder what Alfred thinks about it. One could venture a guess that he does not clean the blood off the basement floor. But it is more likely that in all other incarnations of the character, he is just worried about his ward.


The Possibilities

All jokes aside, we did enjoy the addition of small Oreo packets everywhere. It gives a nice flair to the Batcave and allows the marker to get publicity even when the content is shared outside of their platform. Do you think this biscuit will also have a marketing spot in the movie? It is possible that it does. I mean, we would enjoy it if someone gave us Oreo packets when we entered the movie theatres, but those are pipe dreams.


New Batcave in The Batman

What do you think about this new Batcave? Does it look like a place you would like to visit in a comic universe? Can you see Batman brooding here? Maybe imagine Robert Pattinson sitting hunched over the Batcomputer wondering how he can combat the Riddler while eating Oreos. What we would not give to see Batman applying his mind for once. I mean, his fists are good and all but his powerful mind is why everyone is so scared of him.


Why do you think the comic writers continuously pit him against super-powered beings just to have him at an apparent disadvantage. Let us know what you think about this Batcave down in the comments below.

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