Armor Wars Could Bring The 33 Missing Iron Man Suits After Mark 50

One of the most exciting projects from the MCU in the upcoming Armor Wars. This series will actually give us some serious hints towards what has happened to the legacy of Tony Stark in the MCU. There’s hardly anything known about the project or the things that this project will actually deal with which is quite similar to most of the other upcoming MCU projects. The only confirmed detail about the project is that we will get to see Don Cheadle’s James Rhodes in a significant role in the movie. But there could be other interesting treats from the world of Iron Man that might also end up appearing in the series. We might get to see the 33 missing Iron Man suits appear in the MCU again as they might play a part of the narrative of Armor Wars.

Armor Wars

Tony Stark’s death has been felt in the MCU till now and its impact is still felt along with everything that Iron Man stood for. Spider-Man might have lost his father figure but the effects of the things that he did during his time are still visible. The upcoming Disney+ series Armor Wars will be majorly focusing on the legacy of Iron Man and how it impacts the future of the MCU.


Stark Tech

The absence of Stark Tech has shown its effects on the MCU with every project that we have seen so far. Hawkeye has lost his supplies for some of the more advanced arrows and at the same time, Spider-Man lost the technical advances that Stark provided him with. One of the major hints of the chaos that he has left behind was when we saw the auction in Hawkeye, where items from the Avengers compound were being sold. We find out that one of the items as a part of the auction was the watch that was later mentioned to be the property of Laura Barton.


This could mean that there are a lot of items that are still out there in the open for people to take. We were very well aware of the chaos that Stark Industries had caused with the ammunition being discovered across the world. WandaVision showed us the painful memory Stark Industries has for Wanda and how it had impacted her. This same thing could actually happen again as the items in the open could be used by people who intend to wreak havoc on Earth.


Missing Iron Man Suits

Over the years we had seen a lot of villains who basically intended to steal Stark Tech and use it for their own purposes. There are even impersonators who tried to replicate the tech and use it for their benefit and failed miserably. Villains like Obadiah Stane, Ivan Vanko, Justin Hammer, and Adrian Toomes are some of the known examples. But there is more concern for the 33 missing Iron Man armors that might have been stored somewhere and now might be on the way to the villains of Armor Wars.


The Missing Iron Man Suits In Armor Wars

Over the years we have seen a lot of varieties of Iron Man’s armors. Tony Stark actually went from the Mark 50 to Mark 85 Iron Man suit between Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers: Endgame. We also saw that now Pepper Potts also has the armor that Stark made for her (which she was wearing during the final battle from Endgame). A lot of his suits were seen getting damaged during the events of Iron Man 3 but the same cannot be said about the suits between Mark 50 and Mark 85. There is a clear chance that these suits might end up appearing in Armor Wars.


Riri Williams will be making her debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever and she could also be involved in getting one of Stark’s suits. We might get to see her building her own suit based on one of the real suits that she might have acquired from the black market. Don Cheadle’s Rhodey might end up finding her and then we might see both of them teaming up to get hold of all the other suits before they are used to cause chaos. It would actually be rather poetic to see one of the greatest heroes end up being used by the villains in Phase 4 of MCU.

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