6 New Empire Magazine Covers Released For Avengers Infinity War

Marvel’s biggest character ensemble is almost upon us and fans are losing their minds waiting for this movie. This is the movie Marvel has been building up to from the time when Iron Man came out back in 2008. The first seeds for Infinity War were sown in the Avengers Infinity War movie and we all have been waiting for Thanos to show up truly ever since he appeared in that post-credits scene.

Now this movie will bring in 76 characters altogether, and almost all of them are being played by Hollywood A-Listers, which has never happened till now. This movie is bigger in scale, scope and every other way you can imagine. The stakes are really high in this movie as it is going to interweave the stories that all the 18 MCU movies told into one epic finale.

Avengers Infinity War

Since the beginning of this month, the digital marketing of the movie has really kicked in as almost every day, we got to see new images, concept arts, covers and we even got to see the new trailer for the movie which gave us a good look at the movie. Also, a lot about the movie has been revealed through the merchandise being sold as well.

So by now, we really know what to expect from this particular flick, and still the marketing will not stop as now, new covers for the movie have been released by ‘Empire Magazine’ and all these covers look pretty amazing. This movie is going to give us some really unexpected team ups and these covers show us exactly that. Here are the new covers released:

Iron Man, Captain America (Nomad), Shuri and Black Widow

This is the first image to really show Captain America and Iron Man together as we know that they have had their differences since Civil War, and seeing them unite would be a big moment in the movie. Widow has been with Cap for quite a long time as it was revealed in the Avengers prelude that she along with Cap and Sam has been on covert missions in the Middle Eastern countries. This cover hints at yet another face off people are looking forward to as Tony and Shuri are the two tech geniuses whose encounter will be really fun to see.

Thor, Vision, Mantis, Rocket, and Groot

This is the clearest look at Teenage Groot, while there’s nothing new to be offered for Rocket. Thor is still rocking the eye patch and this is another look at his new suit. We know these three are going to stick together for a while in the movie, so they have appeared together in the entire marketing drive. Vision and Mantis obviously will not be having any change to their overall looks.

Black Panther, Bucky, War Machine and Nebula

This image gives us an amazing new look at War Machine’s new suit and we could not have expected it to be any better than this. The texture and design looks stunning and the armour looks really bulky which means it would be loaded with more and more weaponry. It also gives us a good look at what Bucky aka the White Wolf would be dressed as in the movie. Nebula and Panther look pretty much the same as we saw them the last time.

Doctor Strange, Drax, Scarlet Witch and Okoye

This would be a fun team up as two heroes (Strange and Witch) who have different magical abilities can do wonders against the upcoming threat. An encounter between Drax and Okoye could be really dope as both of them are really bad-ass and just imagine if this pair happens to kill the outriders side by side, how amazing would that be.

Falcon, Gamora, Hulk, Spider-Man, and Star-Lord

This is another look at the Iron Spider Suit which has been featured quite a lot till now. And a team-up of Falcon Hulk and Spidey along with these two Guardians could be marvelous if it does happen on the big screen.


This cover shows us Thanos wearing the Infinity Gauntlet, and he still has only two Infinity Stones attached to the Gauntlet, which we have seen in the two trailers that came out.

The Empire Magazine covers also show us 22 Heroes and 1 Mad Titan, similar to what the Entertainment Weekly covers did. Still No Hawkeye or Ant-Man, and by now we should really get used to that and wait for the reveal that may shock us all in the movie.

Avengers: Infinity War will open on April 27.

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