10 Things You Never Knew About The Black Family

When we talk about pureblood families, there is a name that definitely strikes your mind and that is Black. The Black family is nothing but legendary in the world of magic and their family is extremely ancient and has many secrets. We are all acquainted with Sirius Black who is probably the most loved member of this family but there are many things that you might not know about the house of Black.

One of the oldest Wizarding families:

This one is not a shocker as you must have guessed that the Black family is an ancient one. The Black family tree is an indication that the family has been active for a long time. Their family has had a long history of successful people and most of them were in Slytherin. They are also known to be obsessed with their blood status and even resorted to incest and inbreeding to keep their bloodline pure.

They are members of the Sacred 28:

‘Sacred 28’ refers to 28 families who still had pure blood in the 1930s and were chosen to be a part of this sacred cult. Some of the families that are a part of the Sacred 28 are the Malfoys and even the Weasleys. The concept of seeing some families as superior to others has always been controversial but still, the obsession with having all magical families has been strong in the wizarding community. Ironically the Potters were never a part of the sacred group.

Their Family motto means “Always Pure”:

To assert their pure blood-ism even further we have another fact about the Blacks. The Black family motto is ‘Toujours Pur’, which means “Always Pure” in French. Most families keep mottos that talk about their power, honesty or bravery but the Blacks were only interested in their purity of blood and they went to huge extents to preserve it.

Many of them are named after stars or constellations:

Many of us know that the name ‘Sirius’ was inspired by the brightest star in the constellation Canis Major – “the greater dog” which is JKR’S reference to his Animagus form of a black dog. The name ‘Regulus’ is named after the brightest star in the constellation “Leo”. Another Black family member named after a constellation is Andromeda.

Rowling compared Regulus to Draco:

If you have read the last book you must be acquainted with the heartbreaking story of Regulus Black and how he died. JK Rowling once compared Regulus to Draco Malfoy as both of them were stuck with a crazy family and were not outright villainy themselves. Regulus, however, tried to stop Voldemort whereas Draco could never step up against his family let alone the dark lord.

Most of them are good looking:

As we know Harry’s godfather was extremely handsome and it might interest you to know that it was basically genetics. The Black family members are usually good looking with lean bodies, pale skin, and dark hair. Most of them are handsome and easy on the eyes and even their ridiculous practice of inbreeding helped them to maintain their good genes.

Many of them have been disowned:

So Sirius Black was disowned by his family when he ran off from his family at the age of 16. Sirius is not the only Black that has been disowned as in almost every generation there is at least one Black who has been disowned and their faces were burnt from the Black Family tree. The reasons for thesehaves usually been an association with muggles and especially marriage. Also, all squibs were automatically disowned and scrubbed off the family tree.

They supported Voldemort:

So obviously the Black family supported Voldemort when he initially rose to power and some of them became death eaters too. One of the causes that Voldemort supports is the purity of magical blood even though his own father was a muggle. This cause was supported by many pureblood families and Blacks were no exception. Sirius and Andromeda fought against Voldemort but most of them either supported the dark lord or did nothing.

Sirius believed that Regulus was killed by his fellow death eaters:


So the tragedy of Regulus’s death just keeps getting more heartbreaking every time we talk about it. His own family didn’t know how he died and his sacrifice and Sirius is one of them. Sirius always thought that Regulus got in too deep with the death eaters and then tried getting out by they killed him. It is sad how his own brother never knew his sacrifice.

Their family name has probably ended:

You might have noticed that Sirius was the last male heir of the Black family and he had no children who could keep the name ‘Black’ alive after him. So after Sirius’s death, the Black family name has officially ended. Some of Sirius’s cousins such as Andromeda Tonks and Narcissa Malfoy are still living but they changed their names after marriage so there is no other Black living and the legacy of the Black name has ended with Sirius.

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