American Spider Vs Iron Panther: Here’s Why Iron Panther Will Give No Chance To His Opponent

Who doesn’t love a superhero showdown!?!?! As far as superheroes go, what the fans like more than the good guys beating up the bad guys I good guys taking on the rest of the good guys. Today Quirkybyte brings you something vastly different. We bring to the table a superhero showdown never seen before. You have heard one superhero fighting another superhero. But have you ever heard about two superheroes taking on two superheroes in a fictional setting?? Moreover, these are hybrids we are talking about. So basically this means two superheroes mashed up together and put in a ring with another such hybrid. Are you ready for the ultimate hybrid showdown? American Spider Vs Iron Panther: The Battle of the Hybrids commences.

We have on the table today Iron Man and Black Panther on one side and Captain America and Spiderman on the other. All four are well-known superheroes so a fight between them will be a fiesta of epic proportions. Let us see their stats and see how it goes.

Iron Man

Iron Man is the billionaire, playboy, genius, and philanthropist of the MCU. His greatest area of strength is his mind. He once made an arc reactor, the Earth’s greatest power source, and a perpetual energy generator, while being held captive in a cave with nothing but scraps to work with and a magnet attached to his chest. Tony Stark isn’t a genius. He is THE genius. Ever since he became the Iron Man, he has had a plethora of armors for various purposes. While my personal favorite is the Mark 7 armor, the rest of the armors are just as amazing and powerful. He also happens to be one of the richest persons on the planet.

Black Panther

The King of Wakanda, T’Challa is perhaps the richest guy of the MCU. T’Challa also has ingested the heart shaped herb which has given him incredible near superhuman feats. He is also one of Wakanda’s greatest minds. In Black Panther, Shuri once said T’Challa designed the Civil War version of the Black Panther suit himself. So he is gifted as a scientist. He also happens to be a champion of the Wakandan Martial arts.

Say Hello to the Iron Panther

The Iron Panther will be a combination of Iron Man and Black Panther. He will have the smarts of both Stark and T’Challa and the resources of each man as well. Just imagine, an iron man suit made of pure vibranium and superior Wakandan Technology tweaked and upgraded even more by Stark. That is someone even Thanos will have a hard time dealing with.

Captain America

Steve Rogers is the Super Soldier. He is a gifted strategist and also happens to be at the peak of human physical conditioning. As Captain America, he has led the Avengers to victory multiple times. Steve Rogers is the ideal leader/soldier and a gifted tactician.


Peter Parker was bit by a radioactive Spider and became Spiderman. He has all the abilities of a spider and some more of his own unique powers. Peter Parker is a scientist extraordinaire. His intelligence was once praise by the likes of Otto Octavius and Norman Osborn, both geniuses in their own fields. Peter Parker is also one of the greatest fighters to have ever graced the comic books.

Enter the American Spider

American Spider Vs Iron Panther

The American Spider will have the genius of Peter Parker and the battle expertise of Captain America. He will have the Super Soldier Serum flowing through his veins but also have the powers of the Spiderman. It may seem redundant now but think it this way, Captain America is one of the most experienced fighters in the whole wide world. He has been to the very abyss of World War 2 and comes out unscathed. When you couple his tactics and strategies with the agility and dexterity of Peter Parker, you need to step back, way back.

The Fight: Iron Panther vs. American Spider

American Spider Vs Iron Panther
American Spider Vs Iron Panther

The Fight will most likely begin due to a difference in ideology like it did in Civil War. Iron Panther may have the claws and the repulsor beams but American Spider will also have a vibranium shield and quick AF legs. Everything Iron Panther throws at him, the other guy can dodge it easily. But then who will win the fight?? This is where it gets interesting.

American Spider Vs Iron Panther
American Spider Vs Iron Panther

What the American Spider does not possess is an advanced A.I. Both Black Panther and the Iron Man suit have one. When you combine both their knowledge, they could produce an Artificial Intelligence construct ten times as powerful as anything the MCU has ever seen. Friday, Tony’s A.I Construct, alone had the processing ability to analyze the fight patterns of both the Winter Soldier and Captain America and allowed Tony to win the fight when his suit was almost broken to bits. An A.I that could be ten times as powerful could do that and more. The American Spider may be strong and will surely put up a good fight but against the Iron Panther, he has no chance of victory.

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