5 Most Bad-Ass Female Action Heroes in Hollywood

We generally talk about badass male actors action like Sylvester Stallon, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Vin Diesel, Jackie Chan and others. But don’t forget about the women who also take on vampires, werewolves, aliens, demons and much more. Whether they have tremendous fighting potential, have superpowers and skilled weapon-wielding soldiers, they have managed to guard the society and save the day. So today, we are counting down on five badass female action heroes.

Charlize Theron from Mad Max: Fury Road

Top 5 Badass Female Action Heroes

Charlize Theron’s character Imperator Furiosa was a show stealer in 2015’s Mad Max: Fury Road. Her main role in the movies was to drive the war rig of dictator Immortan Joe and was assigned to protect five women he forces to become his wives. But later her heart changes and she helps the women to escape from his clutches. She appeared as a compassionate, a skilled driver and furious towards the problems she faced. 

Linda Hamilton from ‘The Terminator’

Linda Hamilton is popularly known for playing Sarah Connor in ‘The Terminator’ movie. The character lives a peaceful life until a Terminator comes back to kill her. She is seen protecting her son from the assassins of Skynet. Her willpower and her protectiveness are inspiring.

Kate Beckinsale from Underworld

She is a necessary entry of the list because the way she has survived in the Underworld series is commendable. Her determination, stubbornness, and the will to fight like a warrior make her one of the most badass female actors.

Carrie Fisher from Star Wars

Carrie Fisher’s character Princess Leia Organa leads a Rebel Alliance. She has appeared as a revolutionary warrior who is always ready to take down her adversaries. The weapon wielding warrior is tactical, single-minded in her missions and brave in her approach. We can call her a certified kickass warrior.

Scarlett Johansson From MCU movies

Scarlett is known for playing Black Widow, who has appeared in The Avengers movies and Iron Man 2. She is a badass athlete, gymnast, and expert martial art artist, who takes on the foes well and kick their asses. She was one of the significant assists in The Avengers: Civil War.

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