‘Deadpool 2’ Deleted Scene Shot At X-Mansion Released

Deadpool 2 recently came out in May. After all of the praise that its predecessor received, we were not at all surprised to see that the sequel also did fantastically well on the box office. The fans loved it. They love their fourth wall breaking fun loving crazy merc with a mouth. Deadpool is essentially a trigger-happy maniac who thinks that every problem can be solved by waving his gun around? The question remains, ‘Is Deadpool compensation?’ Perhaps but until the writers decide to delve into it, we have no way of knowing. And knowing Deadpool, it won’t surprise me at all if he is diagnosed with every kind of mental illness there is.

Wade Wilson was originally a very well trained mercenary for hire. He was approached by an independent agency after being diagnosed with cancer. The agency offered Wilson a way out of his inoperable disease. They forced a mutation in Wade’s body making his healing factor not only activate but also fuse with his cancer. This allowed Deadpool to gain invulnerability to almost any kind of physical harm. The red assassin has been blown up, torn apart, skidded around on the pavement, pulled to pieces, thrown off a building, squashed to a pulp by Thanos, and even impaled by a prehistoric elephant but he always seems to be alright.

Deadpool 2: X Mansion Deleted Scene

Moreover, Deadpool is also sentient and aware of the truth of his existence; he knows that he is a character in a comic book and that everything he does, does not actually matter. He knows that his every move is being drawn by someone else and it’s futile to resist against the power of the writers. Deadpool 2 seemed to bring this exact madness of the character to the big screen. We see wade Wilson move into the X Mansion by the end of the movie after the death of his longtime girlfriend from the first movie.

We also see Wade Wilson adopt the nice guy persona for sometime in the movie. Wade mostly does this to annoy Negasonic teenage warhead and to get under the radar of colossus, for if Wade wants to infiltrate the X Mansion then colossus is the last person he wants to be watching him. This is the exact moment that we encounter in this deleted scene from Deadpool 2; Deadpool annoying the hell out of Negasonic teenage warhead and getting in the good books of the Colossus. Here we present the video down below for your scrutiny:-

The video clearly showcases the maniacal side of Deadpool and his annoying and competitive nature. The man is a psychopath. He is not right in the head. He is not right in the body. He is practically a sentient mass of cancer cells bloated and deformed to a point that no one can actually tell how much of ‘Human’ is left in there. Deadpool’s cancer is the only thing keeping him alive and making him one of the most dangerous people in the Marvel multiverse.

There have been times when Deadpool has gone on the world ending killing sprees. Don’t believe me? Then let me tell you about the time Deadpool killed the Marvel universe. You think I’m joking? You’d be surprised at how some of these executions take place. It is rather tragic to see Deadpool mowing down through iterations of our favorite comic characters one after another. Deadpool kills multiverses of them; he even kills his own copies in these multiverses. It is all rather tragic and funny, mostly funny because with Deadpool anything is rarely serious.

The man lives on sarcasm, he feeds off of it. He has a habit of chaos and a skill of annoyance. He causes death, destruction, and mayhem everywhere he goes to the point that even Wolverine cannot stand him. One of Logan’s biggest fears (Due to his healing factor and the longevity because of it) is that he will outlive all of his friends and family and will be left all alone with only Deadpool for the company. That is a rather grim outlook on the future Wolverine; I wish I could help, but that sounds like something I would pay to read. What is next for Deadpool now that Fox and Disney are merging; give us your thoughts in the comments below.

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