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9 Problems That MCU Faces Along With The DCEU

It has been high time for both Marvel and DC comics considering some of their biggest titles are being adapted for the screen. Each one of the major groups has been working on its cinematic universes. Not only that, but the groups have also started establishing shows where the characters will be worked out. While Marvel has its Marvel Cinematic Universe that has been going on for more than a decade now. The same cannot be said for the DC Extended Universe considering it has had its major ups and downs. While both of them have had their moments of imperfections there are other big problems they have also been going through. Let’s take a look at some of the problems faced by MCU and the DCEU

1. Maintaining Links

The cinematic universes could be quite massive and each project has to essential carry two major responsibilities. One of these responsibilities is to make sure that the movie carries its own narrative. Secondly, the movie has to be part of the larger narrative of the cinematic universe. Nailing both of these points can be a massive feat at times.


2. Simpler Narratives

Superhero movies are quite successful as the stories are incredibly popular with the audiences. But with each story in the superhero genre, there is a need for a simpler storyline amongst the audience. Marvel and DC are both trying to figure relatively less known characters in order to continue to expand this universe. This has helped a lot considering most of these narratives are somehow working out somewhere.


3. The Antagonist

Problems faced by MCU

With each story, there is a need for a villain who can make a massive impact and keep a larger narrative. Villains can often be rather difficult to create considering they always have some similarities. Even their fates are considerably pre-decided considering they have to have some sort of demise in the story. Both the universes have had a difficult time maintaining this point.


4. Diversity In Characters

Often the majority of the characters in both the universes like diversity and that’s not even all of it considering the leaders for both of the teams in the universes are led by straight white male characters. But with the passing time, this needs to be addressed considering this is the time to make sure both universes address diversity. Luckily, both the universes are working on stories for characters that play along with the diversity.


5. Continuity

Major events are played out in each of the movies that could be an essential part of the narrative as a whole. It’s always difficult to keep the narrative impact by using each essential detail as a part of the narrative. Both these cinematic universes have to keep these essential plot points and play them out in as much detail as possible. Marvel has worked on these quite efficiently over the years as they even continue to refer to the older interpretations of their work in unique manners. Now that both these universes are diving into the multiverse, it seems that they are gonna pay attention to these details on a larger scale.


6. Creative Freedom

The biggest issues with the projects have to be regarding the creative differences the directors might end up facing with the studios. Lack of creative freedom for the director could be a rather concerning issue in a circumstance where the studio falls in the way of fully realizing the project as per the requirement of the creators. A famous example has to be the case of Zack Snyder where his projects were continued in his absence.


7. Vision Behind The Project

Problems faced by MCU

The tone of the movies is something that plays on a much bigger scale than the individual project in itself. Marvel movies tend to keep a lighter tone with certain jokes and an overall intention of being a family watch. The movies are major successful because of their tendency of keeping a balance of all the emotions in a certain manner. DC movies on the other hand have evolved from their darker tone to a lighter tone which has helped the movies definitely.


8. Addressing Existing Property

Both the universes are quite successful on their own but at the same time, there is a major part that deals with the other franchises. There are other universes under the same comic book universes that have been established under different studios and even tv shows. Marvel has successfully acquired their rights for the characters from the other studios and there’s a possibility they will work on the shows too. DC has been trying to do the same thing considering fans want the Arrowverse to be linked to the movies now. With the multiverse, there is a chance that this actually might work out.


9. Delays Due To COVID

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit major studios in rather different scales considering the projects had to be delayed and at the same time even production for certain movies had to be postponed. This has also impacted Marvel and DC considering both had quite big projects that had to under through the same issue. There is a chance that these issues can have a larger impact, something that we will only get to properly explore with time.

So these were all the common problems faced by MCU and the DCEU. 

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