Clint and Laura Should Become the Nick Furys of Young Avengers

Hawkeye ended up giving us one of the most interesting narratives in the series format from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The series took us deeper into the world of a character like Hawkeye and how things work around him. We clearly saw that he was able to manage things by himself along with some help from Kate Bishop. Fans had actually assumed that the series would actually see an arc where Hawkeye actually ends up passing his legacy to Kate Bishop. But while that might be the case in the future Clint Barton managed to show that he was still on top of things. Another interesting detail in the series was the fact that we saw Laura Barton actually had some past experience working for SHIELD and she might have met Clint there only. The arcs of Clint and Laura in Hawkeye clearly indicate that they can actually lead the Young Avengers just as Nick Fury did with the main Avengers.

Clint and Laura Barton

Over the years we have seen that Clint Barton is one of the characters that has worked very closely with SHIELD and later became a member of the Avengers. He is definitely one of the best agents that the organization might have and his Disney+ series actually ended up confirming this theory. He actually acts like a perfect mentor to Kate Bishop even though he wasn’t getting along very well with her initially in the series. But later we were convinced that Clint was the very push that Kate Bishop needed to take her to a whole new level of skills.


Fans of the MCU actually got excited when the series managed to confirm one of the biggest theories surrounding the characters who appeared in the series. The watch that Clint hands over to Laura actually confirms that Laura was Agent 19 working for SHIELD. While Nick Fury is still present in the MCU, we can clearly see that Clint and Laura are some of the most experienced people in the franchise. There is a chance that all this experience might be put into use making for some rather interesting influence from them in the future of the franchise.


Young Avengers

It is not surprising that Marvel has already started introducing some of the possible members of the Young Avengers in Phase 4. The characters that have been introduced so far include- Billy Maximoff, Tommy Maximoff, Elijah Bradley, Kid Loki, and Cassie Lang along with Kate Bishop. These characters might end up representing a rendition of the Earth’s mightiest heroes in the future of the MCU. There are actually more characters on the way with some of the projects indicating replacements for some other characters in the Avengers we have witnessed over the years.

The world is very well aware of the works of the Avengers and they visualize the heroes in a certain way that was kinda hinted at in Hawkeye. Nick Fury was primarily responsible for putting the Avengers together and we had seen in the very first movie that he had managed to bring the team together even though they had issues between themselves. This led to the heroes actually coming together to protect the world from some of the biggest threats. We can expect such rivalries also coming up when a group of young heroes comes together. This means that they would also require a certain leader or investor or some sort of an experienced strategist to help them come together.


Clint and Laura Guiding The Young Avengers

We are well aware that Hawkeye was the very first character who was recruited by Nick Fury for the Avengers Initiative. Clint was working directly under Fury and was actually responsible for some of the most essential missions that we had seen so far in the franchise. Despite the character not having any superpowers, Fury depended on him for some of the most essential missions from looking after the Tesseract to being dispatched to look over as Thor arrived on Earth to retrieve the Mj├Âlnir. This must-have required Hawkeye to have some good amount of intelligence and brightness so that he could deal with some of these massive events.


Clint and Laura

Hawkeye actually saw Laura coming as help to Clint and this was something that indicates that they can actually work together to bring down some good enemies. Both of them can have the combined wisdom that might be required to guide the Young Avengers. Clint already has Kate Bishop under his wing, and he and his wife can actually provide the required guidance to put together the fresh team of heroes.

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