No Way Home Beats The Avengers And Becomes The 8th Biggest Movie Worldwide

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has become one of the leaders of the movie industry in recent years. Even if the movies are produced by Sony, the sheer interconnectivity of the universe has made great in the eyes of the fans. To hammer this point home, Spider-Man’s latest outing in the MCU, No Way Home is having waves. As per the latest box office tally, No Way Home beats The Avengers and becomes the 8th biggest movie worldwide. Take a look at our analysis and latest box office numbers for comparison.

Spider-Man: No Way Home made $33 million at the domestic from Jan7-9, which brings its total to $1.535 billion worldwide. In other words, the movie has overtaken Avengers to solidify itself as the 8th highest-grossing movie ever. Avengers made a total of $1.518 billion at the end of its theatrical run., however, No Way Home is still playing. Maybe it could earn more, but it seems that Sony will take this victory and run with it. Spider-Man has just made history, Sony has just realized the potential of what they could do with the MCU.


Even without RDJ, the universe is making movies worth over a billion dollars. With all of their characters together, 60 years of comic history weaves a beautiful story that no comic fan can resist. Add to this the decades of MCU lore, and you the true recipe for success. The highest lifetime grossing list over at is filled with MCU movies. Avengers Endgame is 2nd with a total collection of $2.797 billion, then there is Infinity War at number 5 with $2.048 billion in gross revenue.


No Way Home Beats The Avengers

Followed by the newly inducted No Way Home at number 8 and The Avengers on number 9. Even Age of Ultron is at 12 with $1.402 billion, closely followed by Black Panther at $1.347 billion. It is clear what the fans most like to see. They love big team-ups. Marvel seems to be shooting their strategy to meet the pandemic era in a way that just changes the Marvel Cinematic Universe forever. We think that the new MCU will only have big events happen in movies.


No Way Home Beats The Avengers

The rest of the lore will be shifted over to the Disny+ shows in a way that we get the best of both worlds. But what do we mean by this? You see, looking at the sheer amount of A-list characters we have seen in the latest run of Disney+ shows it seems that marvel learning from their mistakes. They realize that Tv can build their lore and they have the big team-ups and happen in the movie part of the universe. This allows them to have big budget shows and epically great movies.

It will also ensure a steady stream of revenue through the Disney+ model, while the big collections come in through the big movies. Placing the right product in the right vertical allows them to combine smaller SKUs in a way that few others have been able to do. Only Star Wars and Terminator franchises boast any success with such a model. But Marvel Studios has made it their business to be successful like no one else, while pleasing the fans to the best of their ability.

The Consequences

Although the revenue and cost-sharing arrangements with Sony seemed like a bad idea at the start. But MCU has turned a shortcoming into an incredible opportunity. It seems that the people over at Marvel Studios end hours online reading all kinds of fan theories and they pick out the best ones. Think about it, bringing back Green Giblin, Doctor Octopus and the other Sony villains sounds like some dreamy fan theory you encounter on Reddit.

But when it is done dutifully in a universe like the MCU, it brings the studio billions of $$$. Any studio would never say no to money. For Marvel Studios, such a partnership with sony has both, allowed them to bring one of the most favorite fan characters into the fold, and enabled them to reduce their cost of having him here. Truly a genius move, the results of which are shown by the fact that No Way Home has beaten The Avengers.

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