Tom And Jerry Live Action Movie Update: Warner Bros Has Selected The Actors!

First starting off as animated shorts in the 1940s, the iconic Tom and Jerry show has come a long way since then. They have become a household phenomenon now; even though they are now well past their peak levels of popularity. At their prime, the Tom and Jerry show was the talk of the town and the Studio had used it to their greatest advantage. Tom and Jerry joined hands with Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and even the Wizard of Oz franchise to give us memorably animated ventures. Now Warner Bros has finally given the green signal for the production of a live-action adaptation of the legendary cat and mouse duo and the fans could not keep their excitements within themselves anymore.  And to top it off, the Studio has even zeroed in on the actors that will play a part in the role! Presenting – Tom and Jerry Live Action movie update: Warner Bros has selected the actors!!!

Tom and Jerry Live Action Movie

The dream of a Tom and Jerry Live Action movie has been within the dreamscapes of Warner Bros studios ever since 2009. But the movie has always somehow ended up in development hell. Warner Bros had almost given up on the project.

After failing to get things started, the Studio had decided to focus its energies and resources on other movie productions. But now, they think that they can finally pull this off. Tim Story, the Director behind two blockbuster movies Ride Along and the Fantastic Four movie is going to be on the director’s chair for the Tom and Jerry live action movie.

Reports also claimed that Jennifer Lawrence of The hunger games trilogy and the X-Men franchise fame was also in talks to star in the movie but that has been found to be untrue, with the talks now supposedly ending due to scheduling conflicts. Warner Bros is now actively seeking out other actresses for lead roles.

Recent reports confirm that Warner Bros studio is considering two actresses for a specific role. It will be either Zoey Deutch or Olivia Cooke. The role for which the two actresses are being considered is of a character called Kayla. Kayla will be an accomplice of Tom within the movie and will help the cat stop Jerry the mouse who is planning to ruin some special event. Olivia Cooke is reportedly still not been contacted for the role but will soon be brought into the loop by the Studio. Some other actresses that are being considered for the same role are Becky G, Isabella Moner, Kelly Marie Tran and Yara Shahidi.

Tom and Jerry Live Action Movie

Zoey Deutch is a well-known actress and has starred in several popular Hollywood projects like Beautiful Creatures and will soon be starring in the Zombieland sequel titled Zombieland: Double Tap. Olivia Cooke starred as Emma Decody, a recurring character in the critically acclaimed Bates Motel TV Show and was recently the talk of the town after starring as the female lead in the latest Steven Spielberg movie Ready Player One.

Live action adaptations of animated characters have had a mixed reception in the big screens. When the popular Alvin and the Chipmunks series was adapted for live action, the critics shot the movie down like a German bomber over London, but it performed really well at the Box office, spanning two more movies and thus ending up being a financially successful trilogy. The Garfield movies, on the other hand, suffered horribly in both critical and financial aspects. Even though it starred the hilarious Bill Murray in the lead voice-over role, the movie just could not be saved.

Disney Entertainment is known to convert its animated properties into live action productions. While some manage to tickle everybody’s senses and perform well, a majority of them are just found to be not as bang for the buck.

Tom and Jerry Live Action Movie

A lot of risks are also involved – the CGI could end up being a blunder, the storyline might not fit the tone of the original production or the characters might not be how we saw them within an animated lens. That being said, it is really brave for WB Studios to go ahead with this venture.

We wish them luck. Tom and Jerry, we will be waiting for you.

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