Brand New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Reveals Best Look at Cheetah

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer: 

The moment all DC fans were waiting for is here. The second official Wonder Woman 1984 trailer has arrived and it has brought plenty of goodies. We’ve got our first look at Kristen Wiig’s Cheetah. Along with her, we get to know a bit more from the story. There’s more of what we saw in the first trailer 9 months ago. Here watch the trailer if you haven’t already:

Everything just looks stunning. We see Diana using her lasso to swing through Zeus’ thunderbolts. We also saw her latching on to the Invisible Jet. Well, we didn’t really get to see how it looks since it’s invisible. But yes, it will definitely be in the movie. Then we see the return of Steve & Barbara Minerva’s powers. Both these aspects and all the chaos in this movie will be because of the Dreamstone.

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Reveals Best Look at Cheetah

The Dreamstone will be the major McGuffin around which the entire story of Wonder Woman 1984 will revolve. This ancient artifact was created by the God of Lies. Its major ability is that it can fulfill any wishes that people would make. But those wishes will come with a grievous cost. They’d feel like a curse! As we the trailer teased, Maxwell Lord will get new powers from the artifact. He’d wish to become a living Dreamstone. Not only will he become stronger, but he’d also get the wish granting ability. That’s why we saw him broadcasting a message worldwide. He will use the powers of the Dreamstone to grant wishes to everyone around the world.

Diana’s wish of Steve Trevor’s return will be fulfilled. She has been hung over him for almost 70 years now. So, she’d be extremely happy once she sees Steve back in the flesh. As for Barbara, she’d wish to become confident like her idol Diana. But since Diana is a superhero, Barbara will also become strong like her. But her powers will come with a curse. She’d turn into an Apex Predator called Cheetah. Unlike others, she’d take a liking to her powers. Which is why she’d go against Wonder Woman to stop her from destroying the Dreamstone. The fight between her & Wonder Woman will be beyond epic. Here’s the best look at Cheetah yet:

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Reveals Best Look at Cheetah

All the fighting & action aside, it’d be interesting to see how Diana & Steve will rekindle their love for each other. The trailer showed us that they were really overwhelmed and happy after the reunion. But we know that things won’t be as simple. There will be a cost that Diana will have to pay. Maybe she’d have to sacrifice her powers, or she’d have to sacrifice Steve once again. Let’s see what happens.

Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer Reveals Best Look at Cheetah

Chris Pine talked about the return of his character and how he would be almost a reversal of what we saw in Wonder Woman 1. Pine said:

“Oh, well the first film is obviously very much Diana being a fish out of water, and then this one is fun for the audience and it’s a total switch of that dynamic. So, he’s way less of the jaded realist in the war, the war pro that he is in the first one, and this one is just kind of, you know, boy transfixed by the wonderment of this incredible, incredible era of sophistication.

I would say this: in kind of, in the disparity in terms of the character of evil in this is this really unchecked greed, unchecked want, and unchecked desire and the need to feed that unfillable hole,” Pine said. “The last one [the first Wonder Woman] was more kind of characteristic of there’s like an inherent flaw in the human that’s some like maybe just characteristically evil in one thing, misery and entropy and death and all that. But this is like very specifically greed and like you can make your own kind of correlations between what’s happening today, but I think a very apropos concept to investigate now in the 80s being kind of that, you know, one of the high points of Reaganomics, you know, all that stuff.”

We can’t wait for Wonder Woman 1984. Let’s hope that it will make its October 1 release date without any further delays.

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