Wonder Woman 1984 Theory – How The Return of Steve Trevor Would Be Problematic for Diana

One of the most interesting elements of Wonder Woman 1984 is going to be the return of Steve Trevor. In the past, we’ve wondered how the love of Diana will make his return. Could it be through magic or time travel? Or could it be a cloning technology? Well, as it turns out, it is some sort of magic that brings Trevor back. And it is won’t be a different version of the character. This new Steve Trevor from 1984 is going to be the same guy from World War 1.

The following information was revealed by Wonder Woman 1984: The Junior Novel. But if you wish to go completely blind into this film, then I’d suggest that you shouldn’t read the rest of the article. Consider this as an obligatory Spoiler Warning!

In the junior Novel, it has been revealed that the Dreamstone will be the major McGuffin around which the entire story of Wonder Woman 1984 will revolve. This ancient artifact was created by the God of Lies. Its major ability is that it can fulfill any wishes that people would make. But those wishes will come with a grievous cost, and will almost be a curse! The Dreamstone will become the entire reason of chaos in the upcoming movie.

Just like everything in the film, the Dreamstone will be the reason for Steve Trevor’s return. Diana will wish for Steve’s return in the presence of the artifact, and it’ll happen. But nothing is as simple. Trevor’s return will certainly be a test for Diana as it will involve a cost that she’ll have to pay. While Diana will be extremely happy to see his return, she will have to make a choice between her happiness, or the well-being of the world.

Rumors suggest that because of Trevor’s return, Diana will start to lose her God-like abilities. She would begin turning into a normal human (that’s probably why she’d have to don the Golden Eagle armor). While that might be fine for her, it won’t be a good thing for the rest of the world. The novel revealed that Diana has been fighting for the world in secret. She has been wiping her tracks, getting rid of CCTV cameras. She even fought in World War II, and has been moving around from place to place, becoming sort of an urban legend. That is why the world really hasn’t been aware of her existence.

And now, when she starts to lose her powers, the world that she has been defending secretly will be vulnerable. That’s because Clark Kent will just be a kid in 1984. And Bruce obviously is just a teenager. So, none of the other heroes are actually fighting the good fight against evil. Our theory is that when Diana will regain the love of her life, she will have to pay for that by losing her powers. And she might be okay with it because a lonely immortal might be willing to lose his/her immortality if they get a short & happy life with a loved one in exchange for it (as we saw in The Wolverine). But, looking at the kind of chaos that Cheetah & Maxwell Lord will supposedly cause in the movie, Diana & Steve Trevor will have a big decision to make.

Wonder Woman 1984 Theory How Steve Trevor Return Problematic for Diana

Diana would have to choose between Steve & the protection of the rest of the world. Can she be so selfish that she’d choose to live with Steve as a mortal and let the world rot at the hands of Cheetah & Lord? Can Steve be so selfish? Obviously not. Steve’s return will only seem a blessing in the beginning, but it will actually be a problem. And so, it is obvious that both Steve & Diana will be able to acknowledge the fact that Steve doesn’t really belong in 1984. As much as both of them would want to continue living with each other, they’d have to make a hard personal sacrifice. They would probably agree on making the hard decision of destroying the Dreamstone in order to restore the world to how it used to be.

Wonder Woman 1984 Theory How Steve Trevor Return Problematic for Diana

We saw Steve sacrificing himself for the greater good in the first movie. So, we know that he’d agree to do it a second time in a heartbeat if that is going to give Diana her powers back, and the world a chance to thrive once again. But this time, the inner conflict will be extremely huge for Diana. She already lost Steve once and has been mourning him for over 60 years. But now she’d have to choose to lose him once again by destroying the Dreamstone. She is a hero. Her powers come with great responsibility and a major burden. So our theory is that like Steve, she will also make the choice of destroying the Dreamstone for the greater good of the world. That would be her price for being a hero.

This theory falls in line with the DCEU continuity as losing Steve a second time would be even more heartbreaking. That is why she’d drop out of the world of men once again until Batman V Superman. Sure, she might continue fighting in secret, but it will obviously take until Justice League for her to fully emerge as a superhero that the world looks up to. That’s what Bruce Wayne will make her realize.

Wonder Woman 1984 Theory How Steve Trevor Return Problematic for Diana

Honestly, this hard choice that both Steve & Diana will make Wonder Woman 1984 a better story than the first film. That’s because it will maintain a balance between the inner conflicts and the external conflicts of the heroes.

Let’s see if this theory turns out to be true. Wonder Woman 1984 arrives on October 2.

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