What If…?: The New Multiverse Traveling Powers of Ultron Explained

What If…? has just made sure that it is one of the biggest events in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The animated series was always canon but it was not being taken seriously with the stories often being too much like fanservice. The first few episodes gave us stories that didn’t really give us much to worry about. These episodes were more about the narratives that fan theories probably had hinted at. Each episode felt like individual stories with The Watcher as the narrator. But the penultimate episode actually gave us a much deeper insight into the Watcher. He faces one of the biggest enemies from one of the alternate realities. Here’s a look at the newly acquired multiverse traveling Powers of Ultron in episode 8 of What If…?.


Ultron was first introduced to us in Avengers: Age of Ultron. He was one of the biggest failures of Tony Stark, which has always been a major narrative in Tony Stark’s part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. When trying to work on an AI with Bruce Banner, Stark ended up creating Ultron. Ultron has a singular belief in peace and he realizes this can only be achieved by ending mankind once and for all. The movie works majorly because of this major villain and threat against the heroes of MCU. Ever since this Marvel has continued and given us some more villains who had a major impact on the MCU. This allowed us to think that Ultron was kinda forgettable after all.


Ultron From What If…?

Episode 8 of What If…? just ended up giving us a version of Ultron that has been successful at doing everything that he failed in the movie. He successfully takes over the body of Vision and gets his first win over the Avengers. The movie saw a different event where the Avengers were able to prevent this from happening and were rather able to turn Vision into a hero who later turned out to be very helpful in defeating Ultron. To make it much worse Ultron ends up acquiring the Infinity Stones. This allowed him to gather much more power than anyone else in the entire universe.


Ultron’s Capabilities

Multiverse Traveling Powers of Ultron

The first big event that leads to Ultron becoming a major power hold was how he acquired the Infinity Stones. He actually split Thanos into halves with an energy ray from the Mind Stone. He had not even acquired the Stones and he was able to do that. It was a seamless move and he wasn’t even aware who Thanos was. This was actually a clear indication of everything that is coming next in his arc.


Another indication of Ultron’s capabilities was definitely when he became aware of the Watcher’s presence. We saw something similar happen before when Doctor Strange gained maximum power by defeating some of the greatest monsters. He became ever so strong that he could hear the narration of Uatu. This gave us a clear indication that the Watcher’s presence could be felt by some of the most superior beings. Ultron upon achieving his goal of ending life in the entire universe was able to hear Uatu’s presence too. Not only that he was actually able to look at him which is one step above what evil Doctor Strange was able to do. The ability to wield all the Infinity Stones actually allowed him to have his own Cosmic Awareness now.


Multiverse Traveling Powers of Ultron

Just as soon as he discovers the existence of Uatu, he breaks through this dimension from where Uautu watches the entire multiverse. As Ultron fights Uatu he even traverses through these alternate universes. This could be due to the Space Stone, which provides one the capability of traveling anywhere one please in the universe. The comic books tell us that the capabilities of the individual stones to be amplified when being put together. 


This Ultron is clearly one of the strongest villains Marvel has ever witnessed. He might now go to all the individual universes and make sure that he finishes his goal. Considering the series is actually canon, the worst fears of the MCU might come true if he comes to visit them here. Ultron is actually using the full scope of the power that the Infinity Stones give him.

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