How Moon Knight Secretly Teased Kang The Conqueror Through [SPOILER]

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown up to become one of the biggest franchises in modern media. Things are escalating quickly and the fans want to see Kang in every nook and cranny of the MCU. This includes the OTT shows and thereby extends to Moon Knight. The show’s marketing did hint at one of Kang’s variants appearing in Moon Knight. A post-production interview with the crew and cast hinted at a Kang cameo in the show. Moon Knight secretly teased Kang in episode 3 but the writing did a quick u-turn by the end of episode 4. Before I get into the nitty-gritty of what took place, let me issue an official *SPOILER WARNING*

Episode 4 saw the advent of a new kind of story-telling for Moon Knight. From the outset, Steven made it clear to marc that he was going to maintain control of the body. This meant that Marc could do nothing but watch as Steven stole his adventure and his girl. We jest, but Steven did show some incredible growth in this episode. Moreover, there was a flavour of nuance to the writing with the final moments confusing the hell out of the audience in an entertaining way. We finally found out the source and origin of Marc’s powers. They come from Khonshu but they were given to him to save his life after his partner got greedy and shot him.


Moon Knight Secretly Teased Kang The Conqueror

As it is not explicitly stated in the show, we presume that Khonshu found him as such and offered him life and asked Marc to become his Avatar in return. Marc must have agreed and hence became Moon Knight. It was previously stated that Marc would be given his powers by Rama-Tut, who is a Kang variant in the comics. Episode 3 even has an easter egg of an Ammit follower wearing the insignia of Tut on his back. But episode 4 of Moon Knight pulled a fast one on us and switched up Rama’s coffin as a hiding place from Ammit’s ushabti for Alexander The Great’s coffin.


The Macedonian was a clever easter egg for the history buffs and the comic fans. Ammit is a God who judges the future and the present of an individual at the same time. She and Alexander have a lot in common, so far that they are both ruthless conquerors. Alexander was the voice of Ammit, and hence Ammit’s ushabti was stored within the throat of Alexander’s mummified remains. While performing the switch up from Tut to Alexander the show also explained the actual origins of the power and skirted completely away from any possible Kang cameos.


Moon Knight secretly teased Kang

Unless Rama-Tut shows up in a future episode of Moon Knight, it is very unlikely that we will get to see Kang play any role in the events of the show. It is still possible that Rama was the Avatar of one of the imprisoned Gods in the Pyramid of Giza. But for any of that to happen and for us to know, Steven would have to break all of these Gods out including Khonshu. This will most likely be the plot of the next episode.


The Future

While episode 4 left us on a rather weird cliffhanger, episode 4 is sure to clear things up with regard to the position of the protagonists in this historical conflict. Crazy things are happening in Marvel and we cannot wait for Moon Knight to join the central storyline after the battle with Ammit. But for that to happen Steven and Marc would have to work together in the spirit world/ weird vision that Marc is having. They may take the help of The Hippo Lady in determining their next step.


It is possible that Arthur might help them or the havoc of Ammit may cause the Ennead to release the imprisoned Gods to battle Ammit herself. We can only speculate at the moment and will have to wait for the episode to come out to find out.

Do you think that Moon Knight secretly teased Kang? tell us in the comments down and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, Hollywood. Excelsior!!!


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