Here’s How Fans Went Crazy After Watching The INSANE Flash Season 3 Finale

The fans went berserk after tonight’s episode of The Flash. While everyone is happy that Savitar is gone, many fans are still not over the loss of various other characters. Today we have summed up the perfect reactions to the Flash Season 3 finale.


iris west allen actually die flash season 3 finale

We saw fan favorite H.R. Wells sacrificing himself to save Iris and then we see Barry Allen (the present and good one) sacrifice himself and enter the speed force. With both men gone and Caitlin lost Team Flash is in tatters. However, before going Barry gave the torch of holding Team Flash together to Wally and we will see how things turn up for Kid Flash now. Here’s how some of the fans like us reacted to the insane flash season 3 finale:

Well, this clearly sums up what we saw in The Flash season 3 finale today.

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