The New Element Created In Iron Man 2 Explained

Tony Stark is definitely one of the most essential characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The character is a genius at one time but the same genius ends up giving way to some of the biggest villains. Over the years, we have gotten to see that he has had some of the biggest advances in terms of his tech. The character actually uses a lot of interesting plot points and these lead to a chance for us to see his inventions. Some of the biggest advances we have seen him make are in terms of the various Iron Man suits. Each suit was supposed to fit into the demands of the circumstance that Stark might have gotten into. But the character has actually shown some brilliance that has actually left is completely shocked at times. Here’s a look at the new element created in Iron Man 2 by Tony Stark to fix his arc reactor.

Iron Man

Being rich has its own benefits but being rich and being a genius can actually make an interesting character. This was fairly obvious in terms of Tony Stark as the character was a billionaire but at the same time did spend a lot of time on his own technology. Over the span of the MCU, we got to see him wear a variety of suits, with each suit fitting the narrative of the movie. We got to see him wear a suit that is made of nanotech and it actually comes as massive help when we see him battle Thanos and his goons. One of the most exciting suits that we got to see has to include the Hulk Buster suit that he made just for the sake of stopping Hulk. After his death, the influence of his genius can still be felt in the MCU.


We got to see one of the most interesting narratives play out between Tony Stark and Peter Parker. Parker got some of the most help in terms of his suits and getting mature at the same time when he started working with Iron Man. Even after Stark died, we saw his inventions continue to be a part of the MCU and have a certain amount of hype around them. Spider-Man: No Way Home showed the influence of the character in a different manner when we got to witness Electro taking the arc reactor because the villain felt a certain amount of power from it.


New Element Discovered By Stark

New element created in Iron Man 2

Iron Man 2 saw Tony Stark coming to terms with the fact that the palladium from his arc reactor is slowly killing him. But then we see him create a whole new element in order to replace the element from the Arc Reactor. Stark actually names this element “badassium” but fails to patent it under that name. But the narrative never really dived into the details of this element except for letting us know that it can be used to generate absurd amounts of energy.


The novelization for the Iron Man sequel suggests that this is actually one of the first MCU Vibranium inventions but that doesn’t make sense considering JARVIS addresses it as a new element. We are well aware that Vibranium has been a part of the MCU since the 1940s and JARVIS would have known that too and yet he addresses the element as new.


A fan theory from Reddit suggests that Tony Stark might have created uru, the metal that was used to make Thor’s hammer Mjolnir. We got to see that the Arc Reactor manages to not get affected by Loki’s mind control using the Mind Stone in The Avengers, thus we can be sure it is not pure metal. We got to witness Stark actually being able to absorb all the electrical energy that Thor aims at Iron Man during the battle in The Avengers. Uru is highly associated with electricity as was seen in the case of Mjolnir and Stormbreaker. Uru is actually known for the ability to store magical energy as was shown in Avengers: Infinity War.


New element created in Iron Man 2

Tony ends up creating the element based on a clue that he gets from his father Howard Stark. This was clearly shown in the movie as Howard is shown to have known about the element but never actually ended up creating it. It is not surprising considering the character actually won’t have been able to see the possibilities of the element in 1925. But the most hint that this element is like Uru is because that might have been what actually allowed him to create his own Infinity Gauntlet that he wields at the end of Avengers: Endgame.


Some of the other theories also indicate that the metal could actually be Vibranium. Stark was well aware of this element and he also had a sufficient idea of how he could have actually used this metal. After all, his father used Vibranium to create Captain America’s Shield. The MCU needs to explain the true story about this element because this might have an interesting narrative in the future of the MCU. It seems that Stark’s influence in the MCU will continue to exist because of this invention.

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