5 Insane Deadpool Superpowers We Bet You Never Knew

Deadpool has proved himself to be the quirky superhero, but a hero no less. He cusses like a sailor, flirts like there’s no tomorrow and kills easily. But there is a whole other side of Deadpool that may surprise you. Here are five crazy Deadpool superpowers:

1. Deadpool talks to Death:
5 CRAZY Superpowers Of Deadpool That Will Surprise You

In the Marvel World, Death takes on the personification of a woman. A woman whom Titan King Thanos went crazy for, that he literally killed half of the universe just to impress her. He has contacts with Lady Death and being the constant flirt that he is, may have come onto her a few time, making Thanos so jealous that he cursed him with eternal life.

2. Multiple in One:

Deadpool superpowers

Deadpool has been known for his multiple personality disorder. He talks to two people in his head on the regular and has an advantage over Marvel’s many mind-readers and mind-controllers. His chaotic mind has also been possessed by Captain America villain Madcap and S.H.I.E.L.D agent Emily Preston, both because there is enough room to be in Wade’s mind.

3. Master of Disguise:

The Marvel Comic Universe has an “image inducer” that allows characters like Night Crawler and Beast to disguise themselves as one of the people, Wade Wilson also uses this inducer. His use of it may differ from the tranquil walks of Beast, as he changes his disguise every thirty seconds because he just has attention problems.

 4. Super-Cancer:

Wade became Deadpool because he had cancer which acted like one of his superpowers. Wade Wilson volunteered to be the guinea pig of experimental procedures. The experiment led him to have super healing for his fast acting cancer cells. It also made his skin look a tad burnt and scraggly. But he was cured, so at least he lived.

5. Personal Teleporter:

Deadpool Superpowers

Deadpool started out as a villain but has evolved into a new type of hero for Marvel. During his time as a villain, he used teleportation when he failed to kill heroes, fleeing the scene before they regained their strength. But as his character started getting popular, the teleporter device he used started to not work until he finally stopped using them altogether.

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