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Why Loki Will Not Betray Sylvie Even After His Past Betrayals

Loki episode 5, “Journey Into Mystery,” was no less than a perfect buildup for the finale. We got to see one too many variants of Loki. TVA’s actual meaning of pruning was revealed. No one ever really dies or is erased out of existence. They’re simply transported to the presumable end of time, called the Void. Moreover, Loki’s character development that we’ve been seeing since episode 1 was finally seen in action. The episode has finally set Loki, Sylvie, and the viewers on the right direction to the entity behind the TVA. When Sylvie and Loki were chatting and pouring their heart out, Loki claimed that he won’t ever betray Sylvie.

Here’s Why Loki Will Not Betray Sylvie

Loki and Sylvie have established a very good bond in a very short span of time. Considering that they’re each other, they still differ. Keeping this deep connection in mind, episode 5 showed Loki explaining to Sylvie about his past betrayals and how he has deceived everyone who’s ever loved him. But when it comes to Sylvie, that will change. Loki has a famous history of harming his relationship with his loved ones such as Odin and Thor. However, Sylvie could be the first in the new list of people that Loki won’t wrong.

The reason for that is Sylvie is the only one that truly understands Loki. And even though he’s not really on the road to redemption right now, he could be with this one simple step. That is not to deceive Sylvie at the end moment. Thus far, it looks like Loki won’t mess with this connection that he has with the Goddess of Mischief. Plus, if Sylvie has a potential future in the MCU, then they both could be seen together as well.

This is something that was teased during the conversation. As they both plan to enchant Alioth and take out whosoever is behind the TVA, Sylvie tells Loki that there might a timeline for Loki to rule after all this. But the conversation steered in the direction of them together building a future. Moreover, Loki has found the only person who has succeeded in making him accept his mistakes and he won’t let her go that easily.

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