MCU Theory: Infinity Stone Is The Secret of Vibranium’s Power

An Infinity stone, A Celestial, or a destroyed planet’s shard could be the secret of the powers that Vibranium possesses. In Marvel Films, Vibranium is appeared to be the most durable and imperishable material in existence. The exact same Vibranium steel was used in casting Captain America’s shield. Even Thor’s Mjolnir with its full potential force couldn’t even put a dent in Captain America’s Vibranium-Alloy made shield.

 Infinity Stone Is The Secret of Vibranium's Power

A few additional things that are crafted using Vibranium are Bucky’s mechanical arm, Ultron’s final form, and Black Panther’s armor. A quick fact – Wakanda is the only place where Vibranium is yielded and Vibranium is also used in building advanced Wakandan technology.

The facts for Vibranium’s strength till date stay a secret but Reddit user ‘Maester_Chief_’ has a theory, believing that the Vibranium gets its unique qualities from the Power Stone, which is an Infinity Stone. The theory poses that the Vibranium-rich meteor crashed and landed in Wakanda, was a shard of the planet that was destroyed by the Celestial Eson The Searcher in Guardians of the Galaxy.

 Infinity Stone Is The Secret of Vibranium's Power

The theory is simply based on the fact that each Infinity Stone is a different color and serves a different purpose to the universe, and they work and unleash with an uncanny resemblance of the same color as the stone, with the Power Stone being purple. When Eson The Searcher destroyed the planet in Guardians of the Galaxy, he did so using his weapon which was a staff with the Power Stone embedded in it. Upon the planet’s demolition, a wave of blinding purple energy was sent through it before it exploded, sending remains of the planet across the cosmos that were still imbued and infused with Power Stone energy. Based on this theory, it is highly possible that one of these pieces could be the meteor that touched down in Wakanda.

 Infinity Stone Is The Secret of Vibranium's Power

It is very well established that powers drawn from the Infinity Stones stay for a prolonged period even if the character is not anymore exposed to Infinity stones. Such examples are Captain Marvel, Scarlet Witch, Quicksilver, and the weapons used by Hydra’s soldiers in Captain America: The First Avenger were also exposed to Infinity Stones.

Keeping all the facts in mind, the shard that touched down in Wakanda continues to yield minerals and The Infinity Stone properties creating a material today we call Vibranium. It is very prominent that every object which comes in contact or in an excessive exposure with the Infinity Stone stays with the prolonged after-effect either – negative or positive.  

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