[Find Out] The Reason Behind The Success Of Star Trek Beyond

Star Trek film series is one of the most loved film franchises across the globe. First, we saw the original film series consisting of six films, and then we saw the next generation films of the Star Trek series consisting of four films, and then we saw the reboot series consisting of three films as of now.

The very first film in the reboot series, Star Trek, was released in the year 2009. The second film, Star Trek Into Darkness, was released in the year 2013. Both these films were directed by J.J. Abrams and received overwhelmingly positive reviews from both the critics and normal viewers. Everyone praised J.J. Abram’s brilliant work to the core. But when he was roped into direct Star Wars: The Force Awakens (the movie also received excellent reviews and was a huge box-office success), the studio handed over the responsibility to Justin Lin (Fast & Furious fame) to direct Star Trek Beyond. Most of the people doubted Justin’s caliber to direct a well-established franchise like Star Trek. But he proved them wrong by delivering a movie which kept up the standards of the previous two films.


Justin Lin recently revealed that he took the key advice given by J.J. Abrams by heart and it was the main reason behind his successful completion of the film. He said: “I remember my initial conversation with J.J. — he was kind of handing over the keys, and saying, ‘Just be bold, make it yours.’ I tried to take that to heart and I feel like every frame of this film, whether it’s a big action sequence or some small decision, I go back to that initial conversation of being bold. And I think that will show for everybody that watches the film.”

Star Trek

Star Trek Beyond was unique and Justin Lin didn’t borrow much from the old school. It would have been much easier for him if he did so. But he took J.J. Abram’s advice seriously (by heart to be more precise) and delivered something fresh and unique compared to the previous flicks. The movie got excellent reviews from the critics and normal viewers and was a box-office success. The fourth film in the series was confirmed by J.J. Abrams, but we should wait and see whether Justin Linn would return to direct the film.

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