10 Things You Didn’t Know About The Order of The Phoenix

The Order of the Phoenix was not just a secret society of wizards fighting against the evil forces of Voldemort but also a legacy that was passed onto the third generation wizards. The society in both its phases had some extremely powerful and brave wizards and witches who selflessly fought against the dark lord. These are some fun facts about the Order:

The Order was considered a radical group:

The first time when Order was active it was seen as a radical group as it was a secret society that operated outside the parameters of the ministry. Even though they were good guys who were fighting against the dark forces but their secrecy made it look like a radical group that could create a menace.

Minerva McGonagall wasn’t an original member:

As the Order was earlier seen as a radical group, many good wizards and witches were skeptical to join and one of them was McGonagall. She stood against Voldemort’s forces and fought against them in her own way but for a long time did not join the secret society. She used her animagus abilities to get information that could help defy Voldemort. During the second wizarding war she joined the society and was an active member.

Mrs. Figg was an original member of the Order:

Remember the old lady who saved Harry by being a witness in the fifth book? Mrs. Figg was a squib and even though Harry never knew it but she was always a member of the Order and kept an eye on Harry by being the next door neighbor. She was a member of the original Order of the Phoenix and was one of the very few members who were active during both wizarding wars.

Mundungus Fletcher:

We have always wondered why a selfish and pompous man like Mundungus Fletcher was ever a part of the Order and that too in both the original and the second group. The answer to this is that Dumbledore had helped him get out of a tough situation a long time back and he owed him a favor. Also, Dumbledore believed that Fletcher could be the Order’s connection and ears for the criminal world.

Molly Weasley’s contribution:

Molly Weasley was most notably a part of the second wizarding war and fought valiantly to kill Bellatrix Lestrange. However, there is no mention of Molly being a part of the Order during the first wizarding war. Molly’s brothers Fabian and Gideon Prewett were important members of the Order during the first war and died fighting five death eaters. They were brutally murdered but their legacy was still left behind in the form of their sister Molly.

Kingsley and Tonks were secret members:


NymphadoraTonks and Kingsley were not part of the original Order during the first wizarding war and joined much later to become active members in the second war. The biggest advantage of having them both in the order is that they both worked for the ministry and could bring inside information at great personal risk. Kingsley was on an extremely important post in the ministry and so he proved to be a wild card for the Order.

The Potterwatch:

One of the secret services between the Order and DA was a secret radio programme called ‘Potterwatch’ which helped them communicate and transmit information during the second wizarding war. Certain passwords were shared at the end of each broadcast and to tune in next time the members had to give the password. This helped them exchange inside information and protect their location from the ministry as well as death eaters.

Peter Pettigrew was the only traitor:

The Order of the Phoenix had extremely loyal members and they all fought honorably. Some of them fought in both the wizarding wars and died honorable deaths too. Peter Pettigrew was the only one who submitted to Voldemort and betrayed the Order and it cost them too much. Many members of the Order were tortured and brutally murdered and even then they did not submit to the death eaters and this includes Frank and Alice Longbottom.

The Order and Dumbledore’ army could be swapped:

The two important societies of the series were originally swapped by JKR as the student society was names Order of the phoenix while the mature wizards fighting against Voldemort were going to be called Dumbledore’ army because of Dumbledore’s efforts in bringing the group together. Later she swapped the names because DA sounded a bit juvenile and would suit a student society better.

The Order was always outnumbered by death eaters:

Order of the Phoenix

It is common knowledge that Voldemort’s army was always bigger and his death eaters outnumber the members of the order. The stats were so bad that the Order was outnumbered 20 to 1 in the first wizarding war. Many members were brutally murdered by death eaters who fought in groups. The odds were improved in the battle of Hogwarts because a lot of students fought against the dark forces who were not members of the Order or the DA.\

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