15 Mutants Who Could Be Perfect Substitutes For Our Beloved Avengers

After the end of MCU Phase 4, the true era of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will begin. The X-Men and the whole of Mutant-Kind will become part of the MCU after the Disney-Fox Merger takes place. Coincidentally (and unfortunately), several current MCU actors will be leaving the scene for good. The X-Men would be at the right place and at the right time to fill those shoes. Presenting 15 X-Men Members who could replace Avengers Members after MCU Phase 4….

Scarlet Witch – The Magician

The Magician‘s real name is Elliott Boggs. He is a mutant with massive reality altering abilities. Elliott is a bit of an anti-hero. He started off on the wrong foot with the X-men just like Scarlet Witch did with the Avengers. Elliott could easily take her place in the team.

War Machine – Cable

Cable is one of the world’s greatest telepaths and an incredible hand to hand fighter. He is a warrior just like Rhodey. Like The War Machine, Cable also has suffered physically. War Machine lost his legs while Cable has lost his left hand and left eye fighting somebody else’s war. Besides, both Cable and War Machine is a walking arsenal of all sorts of Weapons.

Thor – Storm

Many don’t know that Storm is actually worthy of Mjolnir. She even became the Goddess of Thunder in one particular comic book arc. Storm doesn’t even need Mjolnir to fly or create lightning. In fact, she could do much more than just a thunderstorm.

Hawkeye – Longshot

Longshot was a genetically designed X-Men ally. His greatest ability is his quirk of manipulating probability itself. He is not a good shot like Hawkeye but he always gets lucky enough to never miss his target. He also possesses a leather-thick skin and superhuman agility.

Spiderman – Nightcrawler

Spidey needs his web-slinger to go from roof to roof. Nightcrawler will just teleport. Spiderman is better known for his dexterity and superhuman agility. Kurt Wagner aka Nightcrawler’s physiology is inherently enhanced that allows him to be quick and agile enough.

Iron Man – Forge

While no one, and absolutely no one, could replace RDJ as Iron Man, he will leave the MCU after Phase 4. When that happens, someone needs to take his place. Forge is a mutant with the ability to literally invent anything. He also has a genius level intellect like Tony. Forge also has a sarcastic personality and is sort of a ladies’ man within the X-Men.

Doctor Strange – Magik

Both Magik and Doctor Strange are powerful practitioners of Magic. While Doctor Strange only became a sorcerer after visiting Kamar Taj, Magik was kidnapped by a demon and forced to learn magic in order to survive. Magik is the ruler of an entire dimension called ‘the Limbo’.

Captain Marvel – Omega Sentinel

Karima Shapandar was an Indian Police Officer who was kidnapped and turned into a Prime Sentinel. She now has enhanced regeneration and energy manipulation abilities along with a host of other powers. Captain Marvel is not due to be replaced anytime soon but if it ever happens, Karima will be a worthy candidate.

Peter Quill – Cyclops

Both are expert ‘strategists’. But while Cyclops aka Scot Summers is a true tactician in the battlefield, Star-Lord is only good at making baffling jokes and whimsical plans that somehow almost always work

Winter Soldier – Sabretooth

Sabretooth has a past shrouded in utter darkness like the Winter Soldier. While he may not have lost an arm like Bucky, Victor Creed has been through hell to become the man he is today. Sabretooth also happens to be Marvel’s greatest close combat fighters.

Falcon – Angel

This one is of no contest. Falcon has a flight harness that allows him to fly. The flacon is also a gifted fighter. Angel does not just have wings to fly but he also is at the peak of human conditioning and an incredibly close-quarter combatant.

Vision – Danger

The danger is the physical embodiment of Danger Room, a room that was used for training the X-Men members via virtual simulation that suddenly gained sentient and went rogue. Danger has also been a part of the X-Men. While she does not possess the powers of Vision, she still is an android with her own different and amazing abilities.

Black Widow – Shadowcat


Shadowcat and Black Widow have both been members of Shield. Natalia’s abilities in Espionage are the stuff of legends but do not for a second think Kitty Pryde will play second fiddle to her. Kitty is one of the greatest spies ever fielded by Shield as said by Nick Fury himself.

The Hulk – Juggernaut

The only mutant that has ever come even close to stopping the Hulk in one on one combat is none other than the Juggernaut aka Cain Marko. Marko’s abilities are mystical in nature. He becomes the Juggernaut by tapping into the power of the Crimson Gem of Cyttorak. As Juggernaut, Cain Marko is one of the strongest beings in the Marvel Universe.

Captain America – Wolverine

X-men avengers

Wolverine was literally part of Weapon Plus, a Super Soldier Program that used mutants instead of humans to create the next Captain America. Wolverine was the result of Weapon X, the tenth iteration of Weapon Plus and was deemed a success. While Captain America followed his country’s orders to the ends of the world, Wolverine decided to go rogue. Wolverine also happens to be a born leader and a gifted strategist courtesy of his two-centuries-long lifespan granting him immense knowledge about almost everything. Just like Cap uses a Vibranium Shield, Wolverine uses Adamantium claws to fight his opponents. If anyone comes close to replacing Cap, it has to be him.

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