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  • HollywoodComic Book Villains Deserve A Movie

    10 Comic Book Villains Who Deserve A Better Movie

    The Hollywood industry in most recent times has been greatly influenced by the pages of certain comic book narratives. Although the time it took the narrative and characters to travel from comics to the silver screen may have been a great and long deal. But the present scenario of the entertainment industry has been greatly impacted by comic books. In…

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  • BooksComic Book Villains And Their skills

    10 Comic Book Villains And Their Skills That Make Them The Best at What They do

    Comic Book Villains And Their Skills: With so much competition in the Comic Book World, it takes a special amount of training and a lot of hard work to upskill yourself and become the best in your job. A lot of superheroes and supervillains have tried and failed. But a few actually succeeded. They became so good at a particular…

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  • BooksComic Book Villains That Are Zombies

    10 Comic Book Villains That Are Practically Zombies

    Comic Book Villains That Are Zombies: Halloween has gone by but the spirit of the spook hasn’t. The comic books are filled with supervillains. But for something to be truly horrifying, it must be resonating with some classic horror tropes. Sure the Joker terrifies us all but in the end, he is still a human being. He can be killed.…

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  • News

    5 Worst Villains Who Were Made Great In Comic Books

    Villains have always been a fly in the ointment in comic books whenever Superheroes succeeded towards humanitarian and cultural efforts. Creating a character with a wicked sense is just as hard as trying to untangle several knots together. Sometimes the pressure is motivating for writers to pen down a new character and sometimes they tickle their grey matter to extremities…

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