10 Comic Book Villains And Their Skills That Make Them The Best at What They do

Comic Book Villains And Their Skills:

With so much competition in the Comic Book World, it takes a special amount of training and a lot of hard work to upskill yourself and become the best in your job. A lot of superheroes and supervillains have tried and failed. But a few actually succeeded. They became so good at a particular skill that the audiences know them via the display of that ability in the comic books. Specialization in a certain art makes a character more memorable and relatable since we know that they worked hard for achieving this. Almost every superhero or villain is good at something. But these guys take the cake within their respective domains.

 1. Loki – World’s Greatest Trickster

Comic Book Villains And Their skills

The Frost Giant Halfling that was adopted by Odin and his wife when he was a child, Loki went on to go back to his fateful roots and defy the noble upbringing under his father and mother, the King and Queen of Asgard. Loki is a master at witchcraft and wizardry like his mom is. He has used his illusion casting magic to fool his enemies so many times. But the reason Loki is termed the World’s Greatest Trickster is that the guy knows how to push just the right buttons and pull the right number of strings to trick the others to do his bidding. The Norse God of Mischief has even cheated death on occasions using his master manipulative skills and illusion casting powers.

 2. Black Panther – World’s Greatest Billionaire

Comic Book Villains And Their skills

T’Challa is the King of Wakanda. Wakanda is an isolated country deep within the African mainland that has isolated itself from the rest of the world. Ever since a Vibranium asteroid crashed onto Wakanda, the history of this tiny little nation was forever changed for the better. Vibranium’s amazing properties like total shock and energy absorption and the fact that it is completely indestructible was what fuelled the growth of Wakanda into the technological utopia it is today. As the leader of the ruling Panther tribe, Black Panther has access to not only his country’s coffers but also their technology. Wakanda has about 10,000 tons of Vibranium which would make the Black Panther just a few billions shy from the gazillion mark.

 3. Captain America – World’s Greatest Soldier

Comic Book Villains

Captain America is the world’s greatest soldier for a reason. A soldier is not the one that fights for his country blindly. It is someone who is ready to lay his life down for the ideals that he believes his country is composed off or should represent. After the Super Soldier Serum got into his veins, the Steve Rogers only grew better. Steve Rogers represented the best of human spirit. He only did what his ideals told him to. Even when Norman Osborn took over the role of the President of the United States, Steve still believed in the American Dream and did whatever he could to protect his nation, even going against the government forces on several occasions.

 4. Karate Kid – World’s Greatest Close Combat Fighter

Comic Book Villains

While DC Comics does have a lot of superheroes and villains with amazing close-quarter combat skills like Batman, Richard Dragon, Lady Shiva, and Bronze Tiger, nobody comes close to Karate Kid. Because this little punk has done something that we thought was practically impossible in the comic book world – defeat Superman using nothing but martial arts skills. Val Armour was once put to the test of his viability of joining the Legion of Superheroes. His opponent that he needed to defeat to earn his rite of passage was defeating Super Boy – the all-powerful clone of Superman. He not only killed Super Boy but has also learned literally every known martial arts technique to ever exist in the world.

 5. Batman – World’s Greatest Detective

Villains And Their skills

Earlier it used to be Sherlock Holmes who had that crown atop his head. But even Sherlock Holmes now acknowledges that the title of the World’s Greatest Detective now falls atop Bruce Wayne’s head. He may not be as smart as Mister Terrific or as quick as the Flash but what he does have is his mind. Batman is the world’s greatest resourceful person who has been gifted with the innate ability of the power of deduction. The Batman is actually called the World’s Greatest detective and there is a reason behind it. It is because it is true!! Several villains like the Riddler and the Joker always help keep his mind sharp with new riddles and puzzles to solve.

 6. Bullseye – World’s Greatest Marksman

Villains And Their skills

Give him a pencil, a paper clip or a plate, Bullseye can use it to kill you and he can do it with pinpoint precision. Bullseye’s true name was never revealed to us but he is one mysterious dude with one hell of an impeccable aim. Bullseye’s ability to throw something and never ever miss his target when he achieved the obvious, makes him a deadly opponent. Bullseye is a dangerous opponent for Daredevil, and the guy has extremely fine-tuned senses and still, Matt Murdock aka Daredevil has trouble anticipating Bullseye’s throws!! Marvel has a lot of marksmen like Hawkeye but no one mind you no one has the skills as amazing as Bullseye’s when it comes to marksmanship.

 7. Deadshot – World’s Greatest Assassin

Comic Book Villains And Their skills

Some might claim the title of the World’s Greatest Assassin goes to Deathstroke, not Deadpool. But after careful observation, we have come to the conclusion that Deadshot is the better candidate for this title. Deathstroke sometimes uses henchmen that he hires from the Black market to help him achieve his missions. Deadshot on the other hand uses lone wolf tactics and never relies on anyone but his own skills. He can stay awake and at full capacity for more than 120 hours. He is also proficient in firearms and is called “the Person who never misses”. And he is also not beneath using explosives on other vehicles and risk collateral damage if need be.

 8. The Flash – World’s Greatest Speedster

Villains And Their skills

Barry Allen is the reason the Speed Force even exists. An extra-dimensional source of energy, the Speed Force is how all speedsters in the DC Universe gain access to lightning speed. Whenever Barry Allen runs, the lightning that radiates from his body in his trail is what powers the Speed Force. While Wally West may be faster than Barry Allen as a speedster, Barry is the better of the two because he is the one that generates Speed Force energy that ends up powering Wally West’s Speed Force powers.

 9. Nightwing – World’s Greatest Acrobat

Comic Book Villains

As part of his childhood training with a circus troupe, Dick Grayson belonged to a family of acrobatic trapeze artists. When Bruce Wayne took in an orphaned Dick Grayson under his tutelage, nobody would have guessed the first Boy Wonder would have turned out such a success later on. After Dick Grayson became Nightwing, his acrobatic gifts helped him jump and bounce through rooftops as well as dance around his opponents like it was a piece of cake for him. Not even Batman is capable of such a level of extreme agility. Batman may be many things but a poor judge of talent – he is most definitely not! Nightwing’s aerialist skills are so awesome that even Lady Shiva, one of the greatest martial artists to ever exist, has acknowledged his skills and has vocally expressed her respect for him in the middle of a battle.

 10. Taskmaster – World’s Greatest Copycat

Comic Book Villains

Taskmaster has what is known as Eidetic Muscle Memory. Once he sees his enemy’s fighting style or a special technique, he can copy it and make it his OWN. Taskmaster has frequently fought Captain America, Daredevil and Spiderman – all amazing fighters with unique fighting skills. His photographic muscle memory has made these heroes think twice before crossing his path again. Everybody fears that the Taskmaster will copy their moves and use it against them. What Taskmaster cannot do is copy some moves that are unique to some heroes. So if he sees Spiderman do an impossible jump, it does not necessarily mean that Taskmaster can do the same even if he is in peak physical condition.

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