10 Deadliest Mutant Terrorists in Marvel – Ranked

Mutant Terrorists in Marvel:

In the world of Marvel Comics, mutant persecution is very much a reality. Since they are a global minority, humanity sees them as the beginning of their end and so they do everything they possibly can, legally and ethically or otherwise, to pin them down. In the face of such widespread discrimination, extremist factions have sprung up within the mutant community who are radicals that not only are willing to sacrifice innocent human lives to protect mutants but also go a step further and work towards establishing mutant supremacy rather than peaceful co-existence between the two species. Some of these fanatics have become truly infamous for their acts against mankind.

 10. Mystique

Mutant Terrorists in Marvel

Mystique is better known as the shape-shifting femme fatale of the mutant community. She has been trained in the art of espionage and infiltration by organizations like the CIA who crafted her into a super spy. Mystique soon went rogue and started conducting missions of her own. She has been seen working alongside mutant extremists like Magneto and Apocalypse. Mystique is also a stone-cold killer and will kill anyone and everyone to get the job done. Throughout her life, Mystique has mercilessly murdered countless innocent lives as part of her work. She still does not regret anything she ever did in the past. And that makes her even more dangerous.

 9. Quentin Quire

Quentin Quire was introduced to the comic books in Grant Morrison’s New X-Men run. He is otherwise known as Kid Omega. He was the one who led a faction of Professor X’s mutant into rebelling and successfully taking over the Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters. Even before he showed his sinister intentions, Quentin had already become a domestic terrorist and mass murderer. He is highly unstable and prone to bouts of aggressive violence which makes even the most powerful of the X-Men take a step back when dealing with this guy. Quentin has recently developed a secondary mutation that allows him access to all the minds in the universe that ever were, are, and will be. He is now truly a God.

 8. Sabretooth

With a long and complex relationship he shares with his half-brother Wolverine, Sabretooth has become a very prominent mutant villain in the Marvel Comic book Universe. Wolverine and Sabretooth were dealt the short end of the stick when they were very young and were shunned by their families due to their mutant characteristics. Sabretooth though took the villainous route to vengeance while Wolverine was the more benevolent of the two. Both parted ways but Sabretooth keeps coming back to haunt Wolverine time and again. One of the greatest mutant mercenaries to ever exist, Sabretooth has connections with almost every shady organization starting from the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants to Weapon X. He has successfully conducted numerous dirty operations as a mutant gun for hire.

 7. Nitro

Mutant Terrorists in Marvel

We could have placed him higher on this list but decided against it. Nitro may be responsible for a lot of deaths but he never actually intended to kill so many. It just happened. Nitro is best known for the one responsible for killing Captain Marvel. He was the one responsible for the mass killing at Stamford, which eventually led to the Superhuman Civil War.

Mutant Terrorists in Marvel

The Superhuman Civil War ended up taking the lives of countless other heroes on either side of the battle. Robert Hunter was only an electrical engineer when he was captured and experimented upon by the Kree who somehow activated his latent mutant ability to explode and reform him-self at will. He then embraced a life of crime as a mercenary for hire and became a mutant extremist.

 6. Stryfe

Mutant Terrorists in Marvel

Stryfe is a clone of Cable aka Nathan Summers – the son of Cyclops and a Jean Grey Clone. Both Stryfe and Cable have the same abilities. But where Stryfe outdoes Cable by a huge margin is that, unlike Cable, Stryfe is not infected with the Techno-Organic Virus. Most of Cable’s Omega Level Telekinetic abilities are focused on keeping the techno-organic virus at bay. Stryfe was never infected with it so he can use all his abilities to the fullest. That alone makes him stronger of the two. He also has genetically modified his body to have superhuman physical attributes. Stryfe was trained since birth in the art of combat by none other than Apocalypse him-self.  He is a mutant super villain of extraordinary potential for death.

 5. Proteus

X-Men Villains MCU

Kevin MacTaggert is the son of mutant researcher Moira MacTaggert. Kevin was only a child when his powers manifested. He gained an incorporeal form and required regular feeding on psychic energy to survive. Duped Proteus aka Mutant X, Kevin was kept incarcerated for a long time before he managed to escape. Proteus would then jump from one individual to another, sucking on their life force and psychic energy like a parasite until the host became a deranged empty shell. Over the years, Proteus has become an absolute menace to the X-Men.

 4. Cassandra Nova

X-Men Villains MCU

Cassandra Nova is a Mummudrai. Mummudrai’s are parasitic life forms that are born and live in the astral plane. They do not have a body and so try to pass through the astral barrier into the real world and possess a human being. Cassandra Nova managed to latch on to Professor X’s consciousness when he was still in the womb. Attracted by his psychic powers, Cassandra tried to take over his fetal body. Charles Xavier managed to push her back and as a result, Cassandra Nova – who had copied Charles Xavier’s DNA to create a body of her own within the womb, was born a still-born.

Mutant Terrorists in Marvel

But she managed to survive somehow, becoming an able-bodied being with the same powers as Charles Xavier. She is a mutant because she too possesses the Mutant X-Gene and is an extremely powerful psychic. One of her greatest acts was inciting the Sentinel Army to bomb the mutant nation of Genosha, leading to the Decimation Event.

 3. Juggernaut

Mutant Terrorists in Marvel

Juggernaut aka Cain Marko is the step-brother of Charles Xavier. He is also the mystical avatar of the Old God Cyttorak. The Crimson Gem of Cyttorak has given the Juggernaut abilities that rival that of the Incredible Hulk and the Thing. Juggernaut can heal at an incredible rate, has a force field around him that is impenetrable when at maximum power, and once he starts moving and catches momentum, no force in the universe has the power to stop him. Juggernaut is vulnerable to telepathic attacks and that is the reason he wears a huge anti-mind control helmet over his head. Juggernaut is one villain any person would not dare to mess around with. This guy is unstoppable, literally!!

 2. Magneto

Mutant Superhero Became God in Marvel

Magneto’s real name is Erik Lehnsherr. He has the power to generate and manipulate magnetic fields. He can use it to control nearby metallic objects but his powers also allow him to extend his control over the entire planet by effectively commanding Earth’s magnetic field itself. Magneto is an Omega Level Mutant. He can annihilate the planet simply by alternating its poles, thus pushing the planet off-axis and plummet it out of its orbit.

Mutant Terrorists in Marvel

We are saying this because he has already done it once. Magneto is a staunch believer in mutant supremacy and believes that the world now belongs to the mutants, who should be the superior species and at the top of the food chain, not the humans. He has worked tirelessly towards that end, trying to conduct numerous terrorist activities to recruit other mutants and make his dream a reality.

 1. Apocalypse

Mutant Terrorists in Marvel

En Sabah Nur is thought to be the world’s first-ever mutant. Apocalypse is probably the most powerful, and resourceful foe the X-Men have ever faced. Even after defeating him so many times, Apocalypse is still someone the mutant superheroes think twice before crossing paths with. The guy has every superpower ever known. If he does not have it, he would just grant him-self one.

Apocalypse Vs. Thanos

Apocalypse can interface with technology, has telepathic and telekinetic powers, can convert his limbs into weapons of war, and has superhuman physical attributes as well as the size and density alteration abilities. Apocalypse is also pretty much immortal. He has walked the Earth for centuries and he has influenced countless cultures throughout time. He is worshipped as a God by some cults all over the planet, who kill and maim in his name.

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