10 Incredibly Insane Facts About Nick Fury Marvel is Hiding From You

Nick Fury is the Director of the world’s most clandestine organization. As the man solely responsible for coordinating global efforts and resources ensuring the survival of the human race, Nick Fury has a lot on his shoulders. To complement his position, he has a lot of experience in diverse areas that augment his ability to carry out his roles and responsibilities. He may not have super strength of the ability to scale steep walls or even fly but he has managed to stay ahead of the game despite a clear lack of superpowers. That is more than commendable. When such a character is played by none other than Samuel L Jackson, it is like icing on the cake. Nick Fury is a well-respected figure in the Marvel Universe. But with a job like that comes some secrets about him that he would never like to be revealed. Presenting – 10 Incredibly Insane facts about Nick Fury Marvel is hiding from you!!

 10. He is no ordinary spy

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

Nick Fury has espionage skills. That much is a given. But how many of you know the true extent and depth of knowledge of his abilities? Nick Fury is an expert in demolitions, setting up explosive and/or non-lethal booby traps, firearms, and close combat techniques. He is also well versed in paratrooper training and is a certified HALO jumper. He is also proficient in a dozen languages that include German, Russian and Persian and he could speak them in the perfect accent and dialect. He has undertaken and successfully completed missions that were previously thought to be impossible. Who really needs superpowers when you got mad skills like Nick Fury’s?

 9. It was not Goose that took his eye in the comics

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

The name Nick Fury is synonymous with the eye patch that adores his left eye. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is shown that Nick Fury lost his eye in a ‘friendly fire’ incident when Goose the cat scratched his left socket after Nick Fury bugged him too many times. The comics actually show a pretty grittier picture. In the comics, it is revealed that Nick Fury’s left eye was hit by shrapnel from a fragmentation grenade in the battlefield. He would eventually lose more than 95 percent vision in his left eye, gradually wearing an eye patch to cover it. Stan Lee had another reason for making Fury wear the eye patch. Fury used to appear in his feature series as well as the Fantastic Four series of comic books set in the future. The future version wore an eye patch and the past version did not. There was a continuity issue as well.

 8. His One True Love

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

Nick Fury started out as a World War Two veteran. Naturally, he saw a lot of death and destruction and started growing cold and distant. The emotionless Nick Fury found a ray of hope in Pamela Hawley, a British Red Cross Medic with whom he soon fell in love. Nick Fury regained back his humanity with Pamela. He was so madly in love with her that he even decided to propose to her after the War ended. When Nick visits Pamela’s estate in London, he receives shocking news – Pamela was killed during a German air raid over London during World War Two. Nick Fury was scarred for life. He could never love again.

 7. He let the Skrull invasion of Earth happen

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

Nick Fury was involved in a romantic affair with a foreign spy who went by the name of Countess Valentina Fontaine. After following her one night and having a quickie with her, Nick Fury realizes she was a spy and shoots her in the head. Fontaine’s body changes to that of a Skrull and he realizes that the highest echelons of authorities all around the globe have already been infiltrated by Skrull impostors.  He stays quiet in order to not let the others know that he was having an affair with a spy, which would have put his career at risk. Had he warned the world of the incoming threat, millions of lives would not have been lost?

 6. His life is full of adventures

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

He was the leader of the Howling Commandoes in World war Two. It was the same group that always assisted Captain America when he battled the Red Skull and his henchmen during the Second World War. After the war, he joined the CIA. There too he was felicitated with the highest honors for his services. He would later join the great Wheel, the predecessor Organization to both Shield and Hydra. He would become the leader of the former, disband it and restart it yet again at a later decade.

 5. He is insane

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

When the Infinity Formula was no longer working on him, Nick Fury started to age rapidly. Realizing that he only had a little time left, he decided to make the most out of it. He needed the information to help protect the Earth long after he is gone. He believed that the world would be too weak to act on its own without Nick Fury to guide him and whatever information he could extract before his death, he will, at any cost. He kills Uatu the Watcher, gouges his eyes out to extract the needed information and sends the superheroes of Earth on a wild goose chase, before revealing that he was the one who killed him.

 4. Life Model Decoys

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

The Life Model Decoys are common pop culture tropes within Marvel Comics. It gets really suspicious if one particular individual disappears only for a superhero to appear a moment later. A lot of vigilantes have this problem. The Life Model Decoys offer a simple fix. They are lifelike replicas that could store the memories of a person, acting as a substitute until a superhero comes back home after saving the day. Nick Fury was the first ever Marvel character to use Life Model Decoys. He has even used it as a weapon against Baron Von Strucker, whom he manipulated by using a string of Life Model Decoys and tricked him into working for him.

 3. He destroyed Shield

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

We talked about the Life Model Decoys in the previous point. The one thing that is always true about life like robots in pop culture is that they always turn on their masters. The Deltites were the most advanced version of the Life Model Decoys. A batch of Deltites took over Shield as well as Hydra in the 1988 Miniseries Nick Fury vs. Shield. Fury managed to turn the tables on the LMDs and took them all out. But he had lost faith in the organization after realizing that the LMDs had been running the shows since a long time now. He singlehandedly destroyed Shield and only took over a second version of the Organization after the United Nations urged him to fight the Hydra uprising.

 2. The previous Nick Fury is now “The Unseen”

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

There are two versions of the character called Nick Fury in the Marvel Universe. The African American version is now the current Nick Fury. But Nick Fury Senior, the World War Two veteran, now resides on the moon, unable to come back to Earth. But it is not like he does not want to. The Watchers have trapped Nick Fury in this cursed life. After an entire life of espionage, subterfuge, and sabotage, Fury has taken countless lives and destroyed even more. As the Unseen, Nick Fury can only watch events unfold on Earth but can never intervene! He had a larger role to play in the Unworthy Thor series though. He won’t stay on the moon for too long.

 1. His belief in Logic is unmatched

Facts About Nick Fury Marvel

You might be wondering just how is a man this ordinary able to stand amongst Gods and Monsters and even be cocky enough to give them orders. After all, the Avengers may have Captain America as their leader but up until some time ago, they were looking up to Nick Fury to give the general orders, not Steve Rogers. There is a reason for that as well. Nick Fury is so confident because he ensures logic always favors him. He believes every action is the result of a circumstance and if he could control the outcome of that circumstance, he can control the whole game. When Bruce Banner becomes the Hulk for the first time, Shield sends Fury leading a group of Special Ops soldiers to investigate. The Hulk comes face to face with the soldiers. When he roars, the battle-hardened soldiers cower and run away in fear. Fury does not even flinch, knowing that this Jade Giant has no intention of hurting him and just wants to find a way out. All Fury does is step away.

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