Avengers: Endgame – Here’s The Purpose of Each Infinity Stone During The Snap

Purpose of Each Infinity Stone During The Snap: 

Thanos played God with the 6 Infinity Stones that he collected. Every Stone is infinitely powerful in itself and Thanos ultimately had 6 of them. He could have done literally anything with limitless power. We did get a good display of the power that the stones had as he the reality stone to change reality. He used the mind stone for his space travels. The Power Stone came in handy as he blew up Thor’s Asgardian vessel. Combining the space & the power stone, he was able to pull a freakin’ moon! The Time Stone was necessary to bring Vision back. Thanos also used it to heal himself from Thor’s stab wound. He used the soul stone against Doctor Strange. And then he used all 6 Stones to wipe half the population of the entire Universe.

Purpose of Each Infinity Stone During The Snap

That was his ultimate goal and he fulfilled it. Then in Endgame, the Infinity Stones were used to bring everyone back to existence. Thanos wanted to use them to wipe out the entire Universe this time, so he could rebuild it from scratch. Thankfully, he didn’t get to do that as Tony snapped. Thanos & his massive evil army ceased to exist. It was poetic justice as Thanos got what he deserved. But have we ever stopped to ask how the turning into dust was physically possible? It obviously couldn’t have happened with 5 Infinity Stones and there’s a logical reasoning for that. That’s because each of the stones had a role to play in making people non-existent. Here are the individual purposes of all Infinity Stones during the snap:

Mind Stone

With the infinite power of the Mind Stone, it was possible for Thanos to detect all life in the Universe. It was possible for the Hulk to gain the knowledge of life form that was wiped out of existence. And it was possible for Tony Stark to detect every evil individual in Thanos’ army who was fighting against the Avengers. That’s how he probably distinguished between Gamora and the rest of Thanos’ army.

Reality Stone

With this stone, reality could be what the used of the stone deems it to be. So, turning into dust and making them non-existent was mainly due to this gem. The physical bodies of people got erased. And just like that, Hulk was able to bring the physical bodies of people back, except for Natasha obviously.

Soul Stone

Purpose of Each Infinity Stone During The Snap

As the name suggests, the Soul Stone stopped the souls of people to exist. When the people came back to life, the soul stone was necessary for reinstating the souls of people again.

Space Stone

The infinitely powered Space Stone allowed a Universal reach for Thanos & Smart Hulk. That’s how half of the people first got dusted & then came back to life throughout the Universe.

Power Stone

Purpose of Each Infinity Stone During The Snap

Both Thanos & Hulk carried out a massive universe wide task, and for that they needed a massive source of power. Hence, the Power stone came into play.

Time Stone

Marvel Mutants MCU

The purpose of the Time Stone here was to ensure the working of all the Infinity Stones and wiping half the living populace all at once.

Avengers: Infinity War Thanos Purpose of Each Infinity Stone During The Snap

Without even one of these stones, the snap just wasn’t going to be possible. Each of the individual Infinity Stones could do major things individually, but only together could they be strong enough to take down an entire Universe at once. As of now, the Infinity Stones have been reduced to atoms. We’d love to see them return. It doesn’t have to be soon. But it has to happen because the Infinity Stones are the ones that maintain the flow of time & reality. Without them, we might have to bear the Multiverse of Madness. Let’s see how the Infinity Stones are used in the future films of the MCU.

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