6 Things That Can Help Suicide Squad 2 from Becoming A Disaster

Suicide Squad was one of the most awaited films of 2016, but the film could not live up to the expectations of the fans. There were a lot of things that the hype and the trailer promised, but the film couldn’t deliver. Here are some of the few things that we’d love to see in the second part of the film:

The Bat Family

Well, the Suicide Squad business mostly takes place in Batman’s town. Gotham, if is not being protected by Batman at that time as he could be on some Justice League business would surely have his Bat-family doing the protecting in place of him. They could serve as the ‘antagonists’ for the film.

A Free Waller

Amanda Waller is a badass, controlling the team and making them do her dirty work, while so in the first part of the Suicide Squad film she can only be seen explaining her plan to various military personnel and not playing her Bitchy ol’ self. This is the side of Waller that the fans know and would love to see on the big screen.

Deadshot VS Boomerang

This is something that people loved from the animated films. Sure Boomerang and Deadshot hate each other and also have told enough times that they’ll kill each other, a glimpse of that bad blood, would sure add to the fun in the film.

Character Depth

We sure got to see Deadshot firing guns, Harley with her bat and Crock swimming, but there is more to the characters than just what they do whilst fighting, even that wasn’t shown well in the first film. The characters have a lot to offer and we’d want to see them hit it in the second part.

Bad Guys Acting Bad

Sure we heard that they all are bad guys, they are bad and have done bad stuff. All words, bro.. on screen we saw them do nothing bad, no huge pile of bodies, no unnecessary killings. Fighting witches and monsters isn’t bad my friends. And the Suicide Squad was just doing that.

The Joker

Suicide Squad

Oh, this was the BIGGEST DISAPPOINTMENT of Suicide Squad, whilst the trailers promised us a lot of Leto, there was actually not even close to what the fans expected in the film. What the fans would love to see would be Joker taking on the film and causing some real carnage.

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