A Wild Theory suggests that Wanda is posing as Doctor Strange in No Way Home

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has now grown to accommodate even the Multiverse into its fold. When Sylvie killed He Who Remains, she freed up the timeline and let the variants loose throughout the multiverse. One of these variants was Strange Supreme who destroyed his own universe. Many people have speculated that this is the Sorcerer Supreme we see in the No Way Home trailer. But a wild theory suggests that Wanda is posing as Doctor Strange in No Way HomeRead on to find out how.

Reddit user GOOBYBUFFALO posted this theory in r/FanTheories:-

“Ok Film Theory, just sparked a little crazy theory, in the new Spider-Man trailer we’ve seen Dr.Strange and have speculated that it could be an illusion but… what if it’s not Strange and not Strange Supreme or Mephisto… but Wanda? She’d certainly be able to create an illusion of Strange over herself, we know she can fly, her Astral Projection in the end credit scene was also the same position as Strange meditating in the trailer.


So what if she, learning about the temple from the Darkhold, snuck into the temple disguised as Strange (who is we don’t know where) to find a spell that can warp reality to the point that she can bring back her children and possibly Vision? So that she’s just using the opportunity that presents itself to her in the form of Peter looking for help to cast the spell without any repercussions for her?”


Wanda is Posing as Doctor Strange

This theory is a rather sinister one. It has a tinge of evil in it, but just enough motivation for the character to do what they are doing. The Darkhold is a bad influence for anyone with hidden personality traits. It has hidden knowledge from all over the universe but it can corrupt its user’s heart. The Redditor presents a very Grimm idea when talking about the No Way Home trailer. We have previously speculated that the Doctor Strange shown in the trailer is a variant, or Mephisto, or even Strange Supreme.


Wanda is posing as Doctor Strange

But now it seems that fandom has set its heart on Wanda. Comic fans know that Wanda is an incredibly powerful magician. Even people who watched WandaVision could have guessed that the entire show was the result of the reality-altering powers of Wanda Maximoff. She has done this before in other stories, but it is just now leaking over to the MCU. Ergo we are just starting to see the true extent of Wanda’s powers. A reason for this is the Darkhold and the knowledge it has given to Wanda.


You see, the theory is completely plausible because of one reason and that reason alone. It is the Darkhold that is feeding Wanda the information she needs. When we left her at the end of WandaVision, Wanda was still going supernova with her powers in true comic fashion. Her reality-altering powers had shifted her and the Darkhold into the multiverse and this is where we left the show. Now we think this was deliberate. Wanda is roaming the multiverse and using the Darkhold to look for a way to correct reality and bring vision back to life.


No Way Home Connection

Wanda is posing as Doctor Strange

During her pilgrimage, she comes across the library of Cagliostro. She sees Strange Supreme leave the compound and disguises herself as the sorcerer to enter the library. She’s there to look for a way to rewrite reality, much like Strange Supreme but fails to accomplish anything. This is when Wanda senses a disturbance in her own timeline and watches as Peter and Strange enter the multiverse. She then uses her disguise to trick Peter Parker and manipulates him in a way to collect enough energy for rewriting reality.


That is what the box is for. It is also why Doctor Strange uses a spell to push Peter’s astral form out of his body. The aim is to calm Peter down before he gets to Wanda with all of the collected energy. The entire thing seems a little outlandish but we believe that is what is happening in the movie. It also works well with the theory presented above. This will mean that the main villain of No Way Home is not the Sinister Six but a crazed Wanda Maximoff. It also means that the fate of the universe is on the line. Let us know your opinions on this theory in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel DC and Hollywood.

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