The Deleted Gamora and Iron Man What If Episode Explained

(Why They Appeared Outtanowhere)

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has grown to be a titan in the film industry. It has taken the company from financial ruin to being one of the most successful franchises in the modern era. The Avengers and related properties are some of the most valuable and sought-after IPs in the world. The new What If…? series is the company spreading its wings. But even one of the most successful media franchises is not safe from Covid-19. Did you know there is a deleted Gamora and Iron Man What If episode?


We don’t jest, it is the truth that we speak. There is a What If..? where Tony and Gamora are the ones sent to Sakaar instead of Hulk and Thor. This leads to some hilarious stuff which we will break down below. But the hints of this can be seen in the What If…? Finale. Episode 9 is all about the Guardians of The Multiverse. The team members Captain Carter, Party Thor, T’Challa Star-Lord, Erik Killmonger, and Strange Supreme aren’t new to us. We have met all of these characters on our journey through the multiverse during What If…?


But we have neither met Sakaar Tony nor Gamora Thanos. We keep calling her that because she is wearing Thanos’ armor. Yes, that is Thanos’ armor. As to how she comes to acquire the armor is spoiled for the episode itself. Now, the rumors say that the episode has been pushed to season 2 so we warn anyone who doesn’t want *spoilers* to not read ahead. For those of you who want to know the story of this episode please read on. This is your final warning.


Deleted Gamora and Iron Man What If Episode

This episode starts with the transportation of Gamora and Iron Man to Sakaar. This is the same world where Thor: Ragnarok takes place. The Grandmaster still runs things, and there is still a coliseum where the prisoners must fight like Gladiators. We are unsure whether Korg was included in the episode, we hope that he was. Regardless, things soon turned sour as Tony had to battle in some fights without any armor. So he decides to develop his own. He made the iron man armor we see him wearing the finale from scrap metal in Sakaar.


This just shows off how adaptable Stark is. Unrelated but noteworthy, the finale was the only What If…? episode where Tony made an appearance but did not die. This is because he was not the chosen one in the battle against Infinity Ultron. Gamora is a skilled fighter and a place in Sakaar is home for her. She would have blasted through the place with Stark in tow. They would likely have encountered Thanos in short order and Stark being the kind of person he is, would have chosen to attack the Mad Titan when he was still on the way to acquire the stones. Gamora would have agreed that this is their best course of action.


With Stark’s battle power and firepower and Gamora’s fighting prowess would have meant that they had a chance to win. As evidenced from their appearance in the finale of What If…? It appears they did win. Gamora defeats Thanos, Iron Man defeats the goons, and together they take Thanos’ infinity gauntlet back to Nidavellir. So that no one can abuse the power of the stones. But before they do that Gamora takes Thanos’ armor and twin blades to cement her role as the warrior princess of the universe.


Now it All Makes sense

How the entire universe can change with one small change in the timeline. If Stark was already in space with a reliable person who can navigate it, then Thanos would have been defeated even before he attempted to raid the Statesman. These are the kinds of details the fandom lives for. We wonder why this episode was chosen to be the one to be deleted. I mean, Gamora and Stark on Sakaar would be awesome.


Them fighting Thanos would have been epic. But I guess, we will get a look at the battle in the second season. But you don’t get everything you wish for. What do you think of our analysis? Does it make sense? Or is it just too far-fetched? Maybe it is too complicated? Does it seem rather vague? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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