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DC Confirms That Amanda Waller is the Mother of King Shark (But How??!!!)

The DCEU is a weird place and it has gotten weirder over the last couple of years. Ever since the derailment of the Justice League and its abhorrent box office performance, WB has taken to conducting experiments in the DCEU. The first of these experiments was focusing on Harley Quinn and making Birds of Prey, which was a disaster. However, the second experiment in the form of The Suicide Squad went better than expected. The movie was set in an alternate dimension but followed the same plot as the first one and saw a new lovable character, by the name of King Shark, emerge from the rubble. Now, in the comics, DC has confirmed that Amanda Waller is the mother of King Shark.

But how is this possible. Well, there is a bit of a context to this story that we must give you before we discuss the ins and outs of it. First of all, currently, there is a tournament by the name of Wild Games happening in the DC comic world which entails superhuman animals duking it out in the far future to determine who will have dominion over the earth. This is where Nanaue was at the start of Suicide Squad: King Shark #12. But since then he has returned to the present day in our native universe and some major changes have taken place to the landscape of the DCEU. Let me take you through these line by line so that I can give you this earth-shattering news.


Amanda Waller is the Mother of King Shark?

You see, after coming back to the present time King Shark goes to visit his father, who is the primordial Shark God by the name of Chondrakha. Chondrakha reveals that he gave away King Shark as a child so that he would be raised in a hard environment and be ready to fight on the day that Wild Games started. Hence, Chondrakha had already planned well in advance to have king Shark serve in the Suicide Squad. The Shark God also reveals that he giveaway the young Nanaue to Waller herself.


This means that Waller became Nanaue’s adoptive mother. This was supposed to be a business transaction for both parties where Amanda would get an indestructible killing machine and Chondrakha would be able to get Nanaue ready for the battles that lay in his future. But when Waller got a child instead of a soldier she had no choice but to raise him as her own son. As Waller has lost her family in the chaotic world she could not help but get attached to the child. So when the time came to kill his best friend in the latest issue of Suicide Squad ( a criminal by the name of Defacer) Waller could not do it.


Amanda Waller is the mother of King Shark?

Suicide Squad: King Shar #12 changes the role of King Shark in the DC universe. He has gone from being a dimwitted Shark hybrid to a full-fledged hero who does the best he can while working with the Suicide Squad. Nanaue was able to achieve this by preaching and appealing to Waller’s own selfish nature and feelings. Even her cold heart is not immune to the fires of the bond between mother and child. At this point, she is nothing more than a mother giving in to her child’s demands.


The Consequences

The Suicide Squad James Gunn Dave Bautista

Nanaue’s father has always wanted him to become a rampaging monster but his mother wanted him to be a kind-hearted individual. Alas! he was sent to be raised by Amanda Waller against his mother’s wishes but in a way, this led to him becoming his own superhero at the end of this arc. Nanaue is seen helping orphans at the end of this issue signifying that he has broken away from under the shadow of Waller. He is now trying to do better, as much as he can.


Amanda Waller is the mother of King Shark

Although it was not perfect, Amanda Waller was also humanized in this issue of the comic. We are still unsure whether she is capable of genuine love and care or she is just pretending to be worried to be able to spring a new plan in the next issue? It is probably the latter, it is always the latter. Let us know what you think about this news in the comments below.

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