4 Most Badass Female Characters In Movies

Movies incorporate different characters with distinct powers which are brandished in several different manners. Superheroes do have influential physical powers, but there are several real-life characters which by their intellectual power cause serious effects in the lives of people. So we are counting down on four women characters who were powerful in their movies.

1) Defense Secretary Delacourt from Elysium(2013)


Delacourt is the main antagonist on a space station called Elysium. Ruthless and intelligent to get the president seat, she has a strong power to manipulate people around to get to the business well. Political and personally she is the main character with strong plans.

2) Amanda Waller from Suicide Squad (2016) 


Viola Davis no doubt nailed the role of Amanda Waller. The character in 2016’s Suicide Squad just acted like a one-man unit to manage the imprisoned super-villains which she recruits for big missions for United States Government. Her political power shows her badass look in the film.

3) O-Ren Ishii from Kill Bill(2003)


O-Ren Ishii is one of the badass characters of the Hollywood industry. As she becomes an assassin and she also becomes the leader of the crime syndicate. In a scene, where one of the officials disrespects her heritage and she kills him, it looks like Ishi is a character with a lot of mysterious things and always preferred a communication done respectfully. And her rage can destroy anything.

4) Commander Melissa Lewis from The Martian(2015)

melissa Movies Characters

Melissa Lewis is a trained geologist which also has a navy background. As she works as a commander to a mission to mars, she has a lot of work to do. Moreover, she is secured enough to make difficult decisions and consult the crew on anything with full determination. She is one of the dynamic characters who changes her plan to save one the crew members that she thought was dead.

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