From Barry Nelson to Daniel Craig : The Legacy continues (James Bond)

James Bond 007 is still alive in our hearts, thought the actors who have played this charter have changed. So far we have had 8 James Bond. Take a look at the legendary actors who have played James Bond.

1.Barry Nelson

gal-bond-barry nelson-jpg

  • Date of birth: April 16, 1917
  • Place of birth: San Fransisco, California
  • of times he played 007: 1 time
  • 007 Movie: Climax! Series: Casino Royale

2.David Niven


  • Date of birth: March 1, 1910
  • Place of birth: London, UK
  • of times he played 007: 1 time
  • 007 Movie: Casino Royale

3.Sean Connery


  • Date of birth: August 25, 1930
  • Place of birth: Fountainbridge, Scotland
  • of times he played 007: 7 times
  • 007 Movies: James Bond: Dr. No, James Bond: From Russia With Love, James Bond: Goldfinger, James Bond: Thunderball, James Bond: You Only Live Twice, James Bond: Diamonds Are Forever and James Bond: Never Say Never Again.

4.George Lazenby


  • Date of birth: September 5th, 1939
  • Place of birth: Goulburn, Australia
  • of times he played 007: 1 time
  • 007 Movie: James Bond: On Her Majesty’s Service


5.Roger Moore

UNSPECIFIED - CIRCA 1980: Photo of Roger Moore as James Bond. Photo by Michael Ochs Archives/Getty Images

  • Date of birth: October 14, 1927
  • Place of birth: Stockwell, UK
  • of times he played 007: 7 times
  • 007 Movies: James Bond: Live and Let Die, James Bond: The Man with the Golden Gun, James Bond: The Spy who Loved Me, James Bond: Moonraker, James Bond: For Your Eyes Only, James Bond: Octopussy, and James Bond: A View to a Kill.


6.Timothy Dalton


  • Date of birth: March 21st, 1946
  • Place of birth: Colwyn Bay, Wales, UK
  • of times he played 007: 2 times
  • 007 Movies: James Bond: The Living Daylights, and James Bond: Licence To Kill


7.Pierce Brosnan


  • Date of birth: May 16h, 1953
  • Place of birth: Drogheda, Ireland
  • of times he played 007: 4 times
  • 007 Movies: James Bond: Goldeneye, James Bond: Tomorrow Never Dies, James Bond: The World Is Not Enough, and James Bond: Die Another Day.

8.Daniel Craig

Mandatory Credit: Photo by BabiradPicture/REX/Shutterstock (5321897r) Daniel Craig James Bond 'Spectre' film premiere, Berlin, Germany - 28 Oct 2015

  • Date of birth: March 2nd, 1968
  • Place of birth: Chester, England, UK
  • of times he played 007: 3 times
  • 007 Movies: James Bond: Casino Royale, James Bond: Quantum of Solace, James Bond: Skyfall and James Bond: Spectre.


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