Top 10 Smartest Evil Villains in Movies

Smartest Evil Villains in Movies:

We all love to watch a movie that has a great villain as it is a treat to watch a villain that cannot be taken down easily. The villains that are in total control of the situation are rare and that is what makes them so special. These villains have often outsmarted our favorite heroes and some of them even managed to win at the end.

#10: Lord Voldemort

Lord Voldemort Seven Horcruxes

The Dark Lord was a master wizard and he would have conquered the world if not for fate. He carefully created the Horcruxes to preserve his life. He was able to gather a large following that was ready to lay their lives for him. Everything was going according to his plan right till the end.

#9: Emperor Palpatine

Emperor Palpatine or Darth Sidious was the actual mastermind of the empire. He devised elaborate schemes to come into power and control the Senate to rule the galaxy. He is the one who likes to pull the strings from the shadows and that is what makes him dangerous. He was an expert manipulator and on top of that, he was extremely powerful.

#8: Hans Landa     

 Smartest Evil Villains in Movies

Hans Landa had all the traits of becoming a terrifying villain. He was highly aware of his surroundings and he was extremely cunning. He always had the upper hand and nothing could get past him. Even when he was forced to surrender, he thought of every possible detail to protect himself.

#7: Keyser Soze

Smartest Evil Villains in Movies

You will never see Keyser Soze coming. He is the true criminal mastermind that is considered to be a mythical figure. He has the intellect to fool anyone and he even fooled the audience till the very end. He is willing to go to any length to get what he wants and no one was able to capture him in the end.

#6: Ozymandias

Smartest Evil Villains in Movies

Ozymandias has the title of being the “smartest man alive” and he proves that in the movie Watchmen. After Vigilantism was outlawed, he became a billionaire by being a cunning businessman. He planned the exile of the ‘God’ Dr. Manhattan and he executed his plans in the end by killing millions.

#5: Jigsaw

Smartest Evil Villains in Movies

Jigsaw is a villain that is always one step ahead of others. Once he catches you, it seals your fate. He has countless tricks to torture and kill his victims. He always gives his victims a chance to redeem themselves. He is very clever and employs several killing machines that display his creativity.

#4: Lee Woo-Jin

Smartest Evil Villains in Movies

Lee Woo-Jin’s tale of revenge was meticulously planned and it was gruesome and straight-up cruel, which we saw in the movie Oldboy. Lee Woo-Jin was absolutely in control of his plans till the end and he ultimately accomplished what he wanted to. Oh, Dae-Su was never in control as he was manipulated even after he was freed.

#3: John Doe

John Doe is a serial killer who was inspired by the seven cardinal sins. He had thought of everything beforehand and he prepared a plan for every outcome. The Detectives were never in control even though they thought they were. Even his surrender and ultimate demise were pre-planned and it ensured his victory in the end.

#2: The Joker

Arthur Fleck Not Be The Real Joker

Not even the world’s Greatest Detective was able to keep up with the intelligence of The Joker. At first glance, we all thought that he was a madman without a plan, but in reality, everything was under his control. He did not lose in the end as well, as he managed to accomplish everything that he set out to.

#1: Hannibal Lecter

Smartest Evil Villains in Movies

Hannibal Lecter is a highly educated and intelligent individual with a taste for human flesh. He is very methodical and precise, and his rationale behind the killing is very simple, he is just hungry. He considers himself to be the Apex Predator who ‘hunts’ others. He managed to remain undiscovered for years and even when he was caught, the police could not hold him for long.

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