10 Most Powerful Ships of The Star Wars Universe – Ranked

The Star Wars universe is known for three things – The Force, The aliens, and the Ships. The rest of the stuff is just eye candy. While the Force and the Alien races have been discussed in detail throughout the internet, the ships almost always escape everyone’s attention. Well not anymore!!! Presenting the most powerful ships of the Star Wars Universe – Ranked from weakest to strongest….

10. Corsair

The Corsair is an ancient ship with even more ancient technology. It was a Sith Vessel used during the Great Hyperspace War in 5000 BBY. It’s defensive and offensive capabilities were below average and it had no energy shielding. But it did have Force enhancing Sith magic crystals on its command deck. The Sith on the ship could use it to destroy a whole planet or make even an entire star implode on itself.

9. The Invisible Hand

General Grievous’ flagship during the clone wars, the Invisible Hand had a reputation as infamous as one could imagine. The ship had two heavy ion cannons that released energy equivalent to a 4.8 Megaton Nuclear Bomb with each shot (the one dropped on Hiroshima was 0.015 Megaton). It was also big enough to serve as an Invasion craft and Carrier. Its turbo lasers created tremors that hit a magnitude of 10 on the Richter scale.

8. Koros-Strahan

The Koros-Strahan are Yuuzhan Vong worldships. The Yuuzhan Vong detest technology. So they developed fully organic means of space travel. The Koros-Strahan is one giant organism that uses living plants and animals to help in life support, propulsion and defense. The Koros-Strahan can regenerate from any damage and can even destroy an entire planet in the blink of an eye using the Yogand’s Core tactic.

7. World Devastators

The World Devastators were the brainchild of Emperor Palpatine. The massive ships were built to land on a planet, break into its core and use a molecular furnace to use the planet’s resources to churn out battleships, fighters and other forms of weaponry. The heavily fortified World Destroyers could self-replicate and were fully automated.

6. The Supremacy

The Supremacy was first seen in The Last Jedi. It was a massive ship that could even shadow a Stars Wars standard metropolitan city. It could house multiple Battle Cruisers and dreadnoughts and the number of TIE fighters guarding it was akin to a small invading force used on planetary expeditions.

5. The Eclipse

The Eclipse was another ship that served as the revived Emperor Palpatine’s Flagship after the Battle of Endor. Manufactured in the Kuat Drive Yards, the Eclipse was to start a new era of Imperial Weaponry. Apart from the powerful turbo lasers and cannons, the Eclipse sported a crystal powered turbo laser that could break apart a planet into pieces within minutes.

4. The Death Star I

The Death Star was the epitome of the Empire’s ‘Rule by Fear’ strategy. It was a class 4 satellite turned into a battle station. It had the ability to hold 265,000 combat troops, 20,000 military transports, and a million plus support personnel. The Death Star also had 15,000 turbo lasers and 7,000 TIE fighters on board for point defense. Let’s not even start with the massive Khyber crystal powered planet killer laser it was laced with.

3. The Galaxy Gun

The Galaxy Gun was the Death Star if the Death Star had a bigger range and looked more like a tube rather than a sphere. The Gun was another of Palpatine’s super weapons. It could fire a warhead at hyper-speed at an enemy planet. The warhead at armor plating and automated defenses and a particle disintegrator bo,b that, on full power, could vaporize a planet’s atmosphere and render it permanently inhabitable.

2. The Death Star II

It may sound foolish for the Empire to try and make a second, bigger Death Star after the flawed first one. But they did. And it was actually a worthy successor. The second Death Star had no more the flaw of the first, which was exploited by the Rebels to eventually destroy it. The Death Star II had a planet-killing laser that could be recharged within minutes rather than hours and a targeting system accurate enough to target even Star Cruiser and Carriers. If the Death Star II wouldn’t have been destroyed during its construction itself, it would have been practically invincible.

 1. The Sun Crusherstar wars

It is exactly what it sounds like. The Sun Crusher may look slender and weak. It is anything but. The Sun Crusher could do what even the Death Star couldn’t. The latter could only destroy a planet at a time. The Sun Crusher could destroy an entire star system. The ship’s greatest weaponry was the resonance torpedoes. When eleven of these torpedoes hit a star, it goes supernova. The Sun Crusher was equipped with a hyperspace drive and quantum-crystalline armor that allowed it to take a direct point blank hit from a Death Star super laser and still come out unscathed.

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