How Eternals Had Set Up The First Symbiote of MCU Before No Way Home

Spider-Man: No Way Home actually features some of the most exciting characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The most awesome part of this is the fact that some of these characters don’t even belong to the MCU. As No Way Home brought the concept of the multiverse, it also made some of the past Marvel characters in Sony canon to the franchise. This allowed for some of the past Spider-Man renditions to appear next to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. We actually got a chance to Tom Hardy’s Venom appear in the movie with an absolutely surprising cameo. This cameo was actually built into the MCU with the post-credit scene for Venom: Let There Be Carnage. But it seems that this might not actually be the very first appearance of a symbiote in the MCU. Eternals could have secretly given us the first Symbiote of MCU before Spider-Man: No Way Home saw Venom making an appearance.


Sony started working on their own cinematic universe based around Spider-Man characters. This started right after the Sony and Marvel Studios deal allowed for MCU to use introduce Tom Holland as Spider-Man. Sony saw the success of the character and they decided to make their own projects that would be solo ventures focused on Spider-Man villains. We got to see Tom Hardy as Venom and ever since then, fans wondered when we will get to see the character appear opposite to Spider-Man. Last year we got to see the sequel Venom: Let There Be Carnage. One of the most interesting parts of this movie was the post-credits scene. Here, Venom actually ended up getting teleported to the MCU without any explanation.


Spider-Man: No Way Home actually ended up giving us some insight into this post-credits scene. Here, we see Peter Parker going to Doctor Strange in order to make everyone forget about his secret identity. Strange uses a spell that could have some serious consequences if not executed properly. And thus, Strange and Peter manage to botch the spell and cause multiversal chaos. Villains from across the multiverse who know about Spider-Man’s secret identity start appearing. This includes characters from past Spider-Man films from Sony like Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Lizard, Sandman, and Electro. We also get to see the two other Spider-Men make an appearance and help Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. Tom Hardy’s Venom also ends up appearing in the MCU just like them as we find out in the post-credits scene and leaves some of the Venom gooey stuff.


Eternals Made Way For The First Symbiote of MCU

While this could have been a sneaky way of introducing the symbiote in the MCU, Eternal might have managed to do this way early. Eternals introduced us to the titular characters, the Celestials and the Deviants. But at the same time, the movie also paved the way for the character of Dane Whitman played by Kit Harrington. In the comics, this character actually ends up being the Black Knight. We might have not gotten to see the Black Knight but the post-credits scene did indicate that the things will actually head towards this narrative. Here, Dane Whitman was seen preparing himself to wield the blade that was a part of his family’s legacy.


First Symbiote of MCU

But an interesting moment here is when Dane Whitman is about to touch the Ebony Blade. When Dane Whitman was about to touch the blade it almost looked as if the blade had some symbiote-like pattern of coming to contact with Dane. This symbiote-like behavior could actually be evidence that this is the first time a symbiote appeared in the MCU. Such behavior could actually be connected with the history of the Ebony Blade itself. The Ebony Blade was forged by Merlin and Sir Percy from the Starstone meteorite. It was then enchanted in order to make sure that it could protect the wielder and cut through anything. With all these benefits came a harsh curse for the wielder which actually corrupts him and creates a lust for excessive bloodshed.


According to Knull, the eldritch god of darkness and creator of symbiotes, the Ebony Blade is a divine weapon that could be used to destroy worlds. He also stated that only the pure heart can actually wield it because the sword will slowly drain this goodness and pave the way for manic violence. Thus the Ebony Blade will be the first symbiote in the MCU and it will have a completely different behavior than what we could have expected. We might not see Venom appearing in the MCU anytime soon, but we can be sure to see the Black Knight soon enough.

Are you excited to see Symbiotes in the MCU? Do you think we’ll get a black suit Spider-Man in part 4? Let us know in the comments.

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