Stan Lee Reveals His Favorite MCU Cameo And Warns Thanos Over Infinity War Ending

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is now the biggest thing in Hollywood, and nothing else is even in a 1000 miles radius to compete with the firepower of the MCU. Any new or known movie being launched in the name of MCU is a sure shot hit, and with what Black Panther & Infinity War have done, it has been proven that no upcoming movie of the MCU can actually fail. Both the movies that have come out this year have created history and grossed over a Billion Dollars while Infinity War is actually on its way to break the $2 Billion mark. All this is because of what Stan Lee created along with Jack Kirby.

Robert Downey Jr. may be the center of the MCU, but Stan Lee and Jack Kirby are the ones actually responsible for it. Sure, the credit goes to the repeated efforts of Marvel’s president Kevin Feige, but Stan the Man is the one who brought the source material that for all these great movies we are getting to witness in this era.

Every MCU and even Non-MCU Marvel movie has one thing in common, which is the presence of Stan Lee in the most amazing way possible. Stan Lee has the record of appearing in the most number of Superhero movies that no one can ever break.


From being infected by Hulk’s blood to drinking to Thor’s Godly alcohol to playing a DJ at the Strip club, Lee has done it all! While most audiences may like him as the DJ at the Strip club, it is not actually a part of the MCU.

There have been 19 movies that have come out till now, and Uncle Stan has been in all of them. With every new movie, people wonder that where is Stan Lee going to appear in here, and it turns out to be very surprising every time! There is absolutely nothing that this man cannot do in the movies as from being a watchman (Winter Soldier), he actually became the Watcher (Guardians Vol. 2)!

But the one day we all are afraid of is coming faster than ever. We already saw the start of it in Deadpool 2 as Stan Lee was not physically present in the movie. For the upcoming 2 years, we may still get some cameos out of him, but since it is really tough for him to travel and stuff, many fans have suggested that Marvel should already film all his upcoming cameos at once.

The problem over there lies that Marvel is planning future movies for Phase 4, so the cameos they could film at once would also be limited. We have to stay strong and be prepared for the day when Stan Lee only cameos through billboards and posters.

Well, for now, Thanos has revealed his personal favorite cameo to us as he said that the one he did in Age of Ultron was his most likable cameo. He talked to Marvel HQ and told them that the “Drunk Man” he played in 2015 was the best for him. Here’s what he said when he was asked about his much-loved appearance:

“Well, I think the cameo that’s my favorite is the one I did [with] Thor. I’m standing in a bar with him and he’s drinking this Asgardian drink, which is very powerful, and I ask for a sip and he says, ‘No, it would kill you,’ and I insist. And he gives me a sip and then in the next scene, they’re carrying me out.”

He continued to explain why he loves this one the most:

“Now you’re saying to yourself, ‘Why is this Stan’s favorite cameo?’ and you haven’t thought of the real reason. It’s the only one I did that has two scenes. So I’m hoping it does well. Next time, they’ll give me three scenes. You never know where it’ll end.”

Three scenes with Stan Lee in it! I’m game for it any day. Along with this, our favourite Marvel God has also issued a warning the Mad Titan. Thanos wiped out so many Superheroes at once, and now Stan Lee is back to giving him the business as he warned him to be very afraid from here on! Check out the video shown above.

Please God, give us as many Stan Lee cameos as you can!

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