12 Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man in The MCU

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man:

Spider-Man is an irreplaceable organ of the MCU. But all good things come to an end. Change, dear people, is inevitable. Spider-Man’s exit from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, partly because of Disney screwing up the deal-making process, came as a shock to many. Spider-Man may be a very important element of the Marvel mythos but there are several such superheroes in the Marvel Comic Book Universe who could easily take up the role right where Spider-Man left the franchise.

 1. Wolverine

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

Since Fox is now part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe now that Disney was kind enough to buy the Studio out, we now actually have a future where the Avengers and the X-Men will stand side by side in a single frame. There will be no infringement of rights or rights issues. And that brings us to the question of Wolverine. The Bub from Canada is a well-known figure in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Wolverine’s claws and name are the stuff of legends. He may not be as hilarious as Spider-Man but the oomph factor when it comes to Wolverine is certainly enough for him to be a strong contender for a replacement for Spider-Man.

 2. Moon Knight

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

The Egyptian God Khonshu’s Avatar on Earth, Moon Knight’s real name is Marc Spector. Marc used to be a mercenary. Once during a routine raid on an archaeological installation, he was exposed to the existence of Khonshu. Moon Knight gains superhuman physical attributes under the moonlight. He also gains somewhat of a split personality. He is violent, ruthless and fun to watch on screen. Disney+, Disney’s official online streaming service, is already coming up with a Moon Knight series. But the character is extremely popular and releasing a movie featuring Moon Knight will only be icing on the cake.

 3. Daredevil

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

He already exists in the Netflix Universe. Or should we say existed? Charlie Cox’s portrayal of Daredevil, the Man without Fear, will always be remembered as a TV milestone of epic proportions. The Ben Affleck starrer Daredevil movie only brought the character’s star quotient down. But Daredevil is one of the most complex and popular Marvel superheroes. So if Netflix is not going to make any more Daredevil shows, why not just use Matt Murdock in the movies. We mean, overall, the power sets would only complement each other.

 4. Ms Marvel

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

After Black Bolt released a massive Terrigen bomb on Earth, a planet-wide terrigenesis process began. Terrigenesis is the process with which people with Inhuman genes gain superpowers after being exposed to the mist created by the Terrigen Crystals. Unbeknownst to everyone, Black Bolt had found out that Earth had several thousand such people with dormant Inhuman genes. One of them was Kamala Khan, who gained the ability to morph her body size after Terrigenesis. She took on the name of Ms Marvel, one of the many alter egos of her idol Captain Marvel, as her superhero name. Kamala Khan would also add on to the diversity element since she is a minority as well as a POC character.

 5. Nova

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

No, we are not talking about Richard Ryder here. If Spider-Man needs a replacement and that replacement is indeed Nova, it has to be a teenage superhero. And that is where Sam Alexander comes in. Sam Alexander is the son of Jesse Alexander, a former member of the esteemed Nova Corps. Sam Alexander accidentally became Nova after putting on his dad’s Nova headgear. It took a long time for Sam to actually become an expert at using his powers. He is known to be a joyful and righteous superhero just like Spider-Man.

 6. Hope Summers

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

Otherwise known as the Mutant Messiah, Hope Summers is the daughter of Cable and Louise Spalding. She is a descendant of Cyclops aka Scott Summers of the X-Men. In the distant timeline, Hope Summers is prophesized to be the one to lead the mutants through a path of global liberation. Since the mutants are going to be a part of the MCU sooner than later, why does not Marvel take a head start and introduce Hope beforehand? Her Omega level powers include the ability to permanently copy and use any other mutant power.

 7. Jubilee

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

Her full name is Jubilation Lee. Jubilee was Marvel Comics’ answer to the Mall-Rat phenomenon that was gripping the world back in the 90’s. Jubilee was a human mutant with the ability to induce atomic level explosions. From afar, it looks like she is only creating fireworks but the explosions that she creates are miniature nuclear fission reactions. Fans also like Jubilee’s bubbly personality and no can do attitude towards things.

 8. Patriot

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

How do you call someone a hero? What actually makes a hero? Is it superpower? Is it family wealth and background? Or is it something else? There are many superheroes in the Marvel Universe but the one superhero that will forever stay in our hearts is Captain America, the symbol of hope, freedom, and everything good in the Marvel Universe. Patriot is like the African American version of Steve Rogers, even better in some aspects than Steve Rogers. Eli Bradley is the grandson of Isaiah Bradley, one of the few legendary super soldiers that came after Captain America. Isaiah’s super-soldier serum, blood runs through his grandson’s veins and he too is a super-soldier. He also shares the same ideals as his grandfather – honor, respect, and service.

 9. Totally Awesome Hulk

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

Totally Awesome Hulk is the version of Hulk fans fell in love with in recent years. Amadeus Cho is one of the smartest minds on Earth. He was exposed to deadly levels of gamma radiation just like Bruce Banner was. But he managed to stay in control of his Hulk persona unlike the latter. Totally Awesome Hulk will be a great way to bring not only a new version of the Hulk but also a new character in the form of Amadeus Cho into the MCU.

 10. Kid Loki

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

Loki might be dead (or is he?) in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but his legacy is too vast to be overlooked. The fans would very much like to bring him back into the MCU. As of now, we only know that Loki will be coming back in an alternate timeline storyline within the Disney+ streaming service as the protagonist of a web series. What we actually want is Kid Loki for the MCU – a younger version of Loki who was the reincarnation of the God of Mischief after the Void killed him in “The Siege” storyline in the comic books.

11. Miss America

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

Miss America is the new age answer of Marvel Comics to who could beat DC Comics’ Superman!! Miss America’s full name is America Chavez. She was born and brought up in the Utopian Parallel – a dimension that exists outside of space and time. She has traveled through countless universes and has decided to stay in the Mainstream Marvel Universe after realizing that this universe is on the most need of her help. Miss America has superhuman physical attributes of strength, speed, and durability. She is also exceedingly fast, able to travel almost at light speed. She can also travel between universes and dimensions by literally punching through the air so hard that it creates a space-time rift.

 12. Hulkling and Wiccan

Superheroes Who Could Replace Spider-Man

The list ends with Hulkling and Wiccan, a superhero duo that has gained huge traction in recent years. If Marvel truly wants a teenage superhero to take up the role where Spider-Man left, Hulkling and Wiccan make perfect sense. Hulkling is the son of Mar-Vell and a princess of the Shi’ar Empire. Wiccan is a magic-based superhero who also has the essence of Scarlet Witch’s dead son. The inclusion of Hulkling and Wiccan will also add to the diversity element since both are actually in a relationship with each other.

The last MCU Spider-Man movie to be released was Spider-Man: Far From Home, starring Tom Holland as the titular character. The official film synopsis for the movie reads:

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame, Spider-Man must step up to take on new threats in a world that has changed forever.

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