10 Comic Book Villains Who Deserve A Better Movie

The Hollywood industry in most recent times has been greatly influenced by the pages of certain comic book narratives. Although the time it took the narrative and characters to travel from comics to the silver screen may have been a great and long deal. But the present scenario of the entertainment industry has been greatly impacted by comic books. In this struggle to find the right rhythm, several characters from the comic book narrative have been introduced to the silver screen over the last few decades. A majority of these might have been heroes, but of late a greater emphasis is also being given to the antagonist of the story. However, some of these antagonists who have appeared on the silver screen have not had the luxury of a good movie being dedicated to their origin story, we firmly believe that a second chance should be given to these villains. So, here is a list of 10 comic villains who deserve a second shot.

10. Crossbones

Deadliest Assassins From Marvel Comics

Brock Rumlow aka Crossbones, is a powerful villain in the Marvel narrative. He has been known to give off similar vibes like that of punisher and is at the peak of human conditioning capable of going toe to toe with Steve Rogers. However, in the Civil War narrative in MCU, he was readily sidelined as a low-powered villain. But, in an interview, Grillo revealed he has a contract of 5 more movies with the MCU, and thus may mark a spectacular return of the character.

9. Steppenwolf

The biological uncle of the ruler of Apokolips, Steppenwolf is one of the new gods and was introduced by Jack Kirby to the DC comics in 1972, in the issue ‘New Gods #7’. Steppenwolf in the comics has been known to be a master of weapons and is shown using different weapons with utmost grace and finesse. However, The DCEU version of Steppenwolf just seemed like a punching bag, introduced for the heroes to punch something till the time of Darkseid’s arrival in the next sequel.

8. Sabretooth

Comic Book Villains Deserve A Movie
Comic Book Villains Deserve A Movie

Victor Creed, although may not be the biological brother to Logan, for sure he is the perfect man for a one-on-one battle with Wolverine. Victor Creed aka Sabretooth draws his inspiration from his healing factor, his superhuman senses, and the anomalistic style of combat that he shares with his friend. But in 2009’s X-men narrative Victor played by Liev Schreiber was also insufficient to save the movie from tanking at the box office.

7. Electro

Max Dhillon aka Electro in the Marvel narrative has been known to trouble Spidey on multiple occasions. But the recent portrayal of the character by Jamie Foxx felt a bit inadequate. It is not that Jamie did not give it his all, rather Electro is shifted to a backup kind of a villain, which is not the real Electro from the comics.

6. Poison Ivy

First introduced in ‘Batman #181 (1996)’, Poison Ivy is one of the most popular members from the rogue’s gallery of the Batman narrative. However, in 1997’s ‘Batman & Robin’, they shot over the entire character of Poison Ivy.

5. Killer Croc

Comic Book Villains Deserve A Movie
Comic Book Villains Deserve A Movie

Waylon Jones aka Killer croc suffers from “Regressive Atavism”, which in simple terms translates to, him having superhuman strength in a human-reptile hybrid body. But the portrayal of the iconic villain was reduced to a manly stature of a being with scales and extraordinary strength.

4. Dark Phoenix

Bad Movies in Awesome Franchises

The Dark Phoenix storyline has forever inscribed itself in the pages of the history book, as the most terrifying and powers matching to the level of a god. The cosmic dark force is the perfect example of the ultimate power in the universe, gone bad. Although, in the movie X-Men: The Dark Phoenix, and The Last Stand, the powers of the Dark Phoenix have been ridiculed to a very bad level.

3. Mandarin

The leader of the 10 rings and Iron Man’s greatest adversary, has been known for the possession of his 10 rings that grant him limitless powers. But, in the MCU narrative the all-mighty Mandarin, was reduced to a merger acting stint and a joke.

2. Apocalypse

En Sabah Nur aka Apocalypse was one of the many mutants to appear in the 1980’s version of the X-Men comics and has been known to be a part of the narrative ever since. But the recent portrayal of the immortal mutant in 2016’s X-Men, did extremely little to live up to the expectations of his comic version.

1. Doctor Doom

Comic Book Villains Deserve A Movie
Comic Book Villains Deserve A Movie

Victor Von Doom is quintessential to Marvel as one of the greatest villains of all time. His powers and ability to manipulate cosmic energy seem to cross all limits in the Marvel comics. But, Doctor Doom’s portrayal of the character on screen has left many fans, questioning the knowledge of the directors of the movie.

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